Mobile Loan Lenders Okash And Opesa Temporarily Suspend Loan Services



Users of the popular loan Apps Okash and Opesa were left baffled when they tried accessing loans via either of the two mobile loan platforms.

Borrowers who tried applying for loans seemlessly breezed through the application process of choosing their desired loan amounts and clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ tab.

okash and opesa

However, in contrast to the usual 3-5 minute wait for approved loans to be deposited to M-Pesa, users were directed to a ‘Loan declined’ page with a message stating That the platforms were undergoing adjustment.

There is also a link provided that users could use to access more loans with further instructions for users to anticipate for calls from the lenders at anytime.

okash loan denied

This comes at a time when the lenders were previously bashed online for their lack of adherence to privacy policy by contacting random phone numbers on borrowers’ contacts list in the event they defaulted on a Loan.

Users are now left wondering whether their suspension of loan services might be linked to the previous online outburst for them to be regulated.


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