Getbucks And Haraka Loan Apps Missing From Playstore

Getbucks And Haraka Missing From Playstore

Recently, It has become a common scenario for mobile loan apps to mysteriously disappear from the Google Playstore without any official statement from the loan provider.

Apart from LionCash, other statistics of loan apps that have performed vanishing acts are Getbucks and Haraka loan apps.

At the time of posting this article, a search of either apps in the Google playstore didn’t bring up any result.

Furthermore, previous links that directed to the apps’ pages on the GooglePlayStore brought up the below error message.

Error Message

Despite both apps being products of parent company Getbucks Ltd, Getbucks loan app is more inclined towards salaried individuals than Haraka loan app.

Haraka loan amounts range from Ksh500-Ksh50,000 at interest rates of 23.45% to be repaid within 30 days from the loan disbursement date.

It is however not certain when the loan apps were withdrawn from the Playstore but a possible theory could be somewhere around when Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The negative effects of the virus has led to investors to take precaution thus leading to some loans apps to suspend lending until the current situation stabilizes.

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