How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approved For A Zenka Loan


Zenka loan app is considered as one of the best loan apps in Kenya owing to it being among the licensed digital lenders in Kenya.

In addition, it also offers substantial loan amounts of up-to Ksh 50,000 at flexible repayment periods of 7/14/30 days.

With over 50 million downloads on the playstore, Zenka is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital loan apps in Kenya with its eligibility criteria only requiring possession of a valid national ID as well as being a Safaricom subscriber with an active MPesa account.

How To Register For Zenka Loans In Kenya

To register for Zenka loans is as simple as downloading the Zenka app from either the Playstore/Appstore depending on your device type.

Secondly, install the Zenka app, agree to the privacy policy and grant it permission to access some of your device data including calls, SMS, contacts and location.

Thirdly, proceed with the registration process by using the Zenka promo code ‘EK6P’ and clicking on ‘Register & Sign Up’ to complete the registration process.

Once done, proceed and apply for a Zenka loan.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approved For A Zenka Loan

Despite Zenka ease of registration unlike conventional loan lenders such as banks, getting approved by Zenka is another hurdle that needs to be bypassed in order to benefit from the Zenka service.

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Luckily, Zenka has outlined several factors with which their systems use to evaluate your creditworthiness and ultimately assign you a credit limit based on those factors.

Some of these factors include;

1. Zenka loan repayment behavior

As earlier stated, Zenka offers flexible repayment dates of up-to 30 days. In addition, it also provides a loan due date extension feature accessible via the Zenka loan ussd code *841# or the Zenka app.

Through this feature, you are able to extend your Zenka due date by either 7/14/30 days without damaging your credit score due to loan default.

As a result, on-time Zenka repayments lead to positive credit scores which ultimately increase your chances of getting approved for Zenka loans.

2. Credit score

A credit score is a three (3) digit numeric code derived from a set of factors relating to your credit profile in terms of loan repayment behavior, credit history etc

A credit score can be described as a simplified method of identifying risky and less risky borrowers whereby lower credit scores denote the former (risky) while high credit scores are associated with less risky borrowers.

Likewise, you need to have a high credit score to increase your chances of getting approved for a Zenka loan.

3. SMS transactions

Upon launching the Zenka app, Zenka requires your consent to collect and process some of your personal data to determine your creditworthiness.

One such data is your financial transaction SMS messages which are  ultimately used to understand your financial activity as well as assist in the determination of your eligibility to the service.

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Financial transactions SMS from institutional senders such as MPesa, Airtel Money. TKash etc. aid in understanding your financial history that results in the generation of a credit score which converts to your Zenka loan limit.

The SMS data collected also enables in carrying out customer risk analysis processes.

Granting Zenka access to your SMS can be achieved via two (2) methods i.e

i) Zenka loan app: click ‘Allow’ to the access message
ii) Phone permission settings: navigate to your phone app permission settings and tap on the ‘SMS’ option and enable Zenka access.

In summary, higher financial transactions SMS messages increase your chances of getting approved for a Zenka loan.

4. Loan uptake frequency

Regularly taking Zenka loans and repaying on time builds a positive credit score which in turn increases your chances of getting approved for a Zenka loan.

5. Credit history

Credit history refers to your borrowing and repayment patterns of both Zenka and other lenders.

A positive credit history translates to on-time repayments while a negative credit history suggests defaults or missed repayments.

As such, Zenka systems rely on your loan repayment trend with itself and other lenders in making lending decisions.

Such information is usually sourced directly from your phone data such as SMS messages and credit reference bureaus.

Consequently, to increase your chances of getting approved for a Zenka loan requires that you have no outstanding loan with external lenders.

6. Service duration

One of the eligibility requirements of Zenka loans is to be a Safaricom subscriber in possession of an active MPesa account.

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However, this may not be sufficient enough to be approved by Zenka since duration of service is also factored.

Service duration in this instance simply refers to the period when you started using your phone number as well as MPesa up until the moment of applying for your Zenka loan.

This data is easily accessible via your mobile phone as soon as you grant permission access to the Zenka app.

As such, using your phone number and MPesa service for a long period increases your chances of getting approved for a Zenka loan.

7. MPesa statement

An MPesa statement is an official document generated by Safaricom that details your financial transaction records over a specified period of time.

Similar to SMS transactions, MPesa statements also assist in the determination of your creditworthiness to Zenka.

To send your MPesa statement to Zenka, simply follow the below procedure;

Dial *234# from your Safaricom line
Select option 5: MPesa information
Select option 1: MPesa statement
Select option 1: Request statement
Select option 1: Full statement
Select option 6: Last 12 months
Enter Zenka email address
Enter your MPesa PIN
Wait for SMS confirmation containing your statement access code.


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