How To Apply For A Zenka Loan In 2023: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Zenka loans are a product of Zenka finance who are among the licensed digital lenders approved by the Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK).

As such, Zenka conforms to the CBK digital lender regulations and does not engage in debt shaming techniques of unregulated digital lenders who call phone book contacts of borrowers who default on their loans.

Currently, Zenka loans have a maximum limit of Ksh 50,000 subject to consideration of various factors that contribute to qualifying for the stated maximum loan amount.

When it comes to interest rates, Zenka offers flexible interest rates based on the loan’s tenure whereby long-term loans (30 days) attract higher interest rates compared to short-term loans (7 days)

Zenka Loan Eligibility Requirements

Before registering for a Zenka loan, you have to ensure that you you meet the necessarily Zenka loan eligibility criteria which include;

a) Be a Kenyan citizen
b) Be at least 18 years old
c) Possess a valid Kenyan national ID
d) Be registered to the Safaricom network
e) Be an active MPesa service user

Where To Access Zenka Loans

Zenka loans are accessible via three (3) platforms which include;

i) Zenka loan ussd code *841#

Currently, Zenka loans are only accessible to Safaricom subscribers via the ussd code that provides a variety of service options ranging from loan applications, loan extensions, loan repayments, PIN change, referral summary and help menu.

ii) Zenka loan android app downloadable from the Playstore

a) How to download Zenka app from Google Playstore via PC web

Navigate to the web version of the Playstore via PC

Tap on the search icon located at the top right of the webpage

Type the search name ‘Zenka loan app’

From the results, filter the Zenka loan app provided by the developer Zenka digital (Note: This is to avoid the numerous fraudulent loan apps sharing similar names with legit apps)

Click on ‘Install’

b) How to download Zenka app via android playstore app

Navigate to the playstore app on your android smartphone

Tap on the search tab located at the top of the page

Type in the search name, ‘Zenka loan app

From the results, filter the Zenka loan app provided by the developer Zenka digital. (Note: This is to avoid the numerous fraudulent loan apps sharing similar names with legit apps)

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Click on ‘install’

Wait for the Zenka app to download (Note: The Zenka app has a size of roughly 15MB before installation and may take less than a minute to complete the download process depending on your network speed)

Once downloaded and installed, click on ‘Open’ right from the playstore

(Note: Upon installation, Zenka app may increase in size to roughly 30MB so ensure that you have enough storage space in your device)

iii) Zenka loan iOS app downloadable from the Appstore

a) How to download the Zenka app via iOS Appstore app

Navigate to the Appstore app on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)

Tap on the search tab and type in the search name ‘Zenka loan app

Click on ‘Install’

Wait for the Zenka app to finalize the download process (Note:The Zenka iOS app has a size of 80.9MB before installation and may take a while to complete downloading depending on your network speed)

How To Register For Zenka Loans In 7 Easy Steps

Upon downloading and installation of the Zenka app either via Playstore/Appstore, you can proceed to register and create your Zenka account via the procedure below.

1. Launch the Zenka app

Upon launching the Zenka app, you will receive a Zenka prompt containing permission access requests and privacy policy.

i) Permission access requests- some of the permission requests requested by Zenka include;

  • Call management- used to collect call data to securely link your Zenka account to your device to prevent fraud.
  • SMS- used to determine creditworthiness via your financial transaction messages such as MPesa.
  • Contacts- used to prevent fraud and also determine your creditworthiness
  • Location- used to prevent fraud and also conduct relevant research

ii) Privacy policy- Zenka privacy policy entails both Zenka and borrower obligations in relation to data consent, collection, loan rates & fees, Zenka contact info etc

2. Consent to privacy policy terms

Once you have read and understood the contents of the privacy policy, select the checkbox stating that you consent to processing of your personal information in accordance with the policy’s terms and click on ‘Accept’

3. Grant app permission access

For effective lending decisions and provision of safe and customized loans, Zenka requires access personal information on your device such as contacts, SMS, location as well as phone status and technical details such as IMEI, sim number etc

If you consent to grant access, proceed and tap on ‘Agree’ to each request.

Alternatively, you can also permit access via your android device’s permission setting and enable Zenka options.

4. Enter your basic information

Click on ‘Get Started’

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Enter your mobile phone number and click ‘Next’

Enter the required basic information about you which includes your first/last name, national ID and email address (optional)

Click ‘Next’ to proceed

5. Secure Your Account

Select and answer your preferred security question as well as create your 4-digit PIN to be used in all future logins to your Zenka account.

6. Enter Zenka promo code (EK6P)

Under this section, enter the Zenka promo code ‘EK6P’ and select the check boxes relating to the privacy policy and affiliate program.

7. Register and sign up

Once you have accurately filled in all the previous sections, proceed and tap on ‘Register & sign up’ to finalize the registration process.

How to Apply For Zenka Loans

Upon registration and creation of your Zenka account you can now proceed to apply for a Zenka loan using the below procedure

i) Launch the Zenka app and click on ‘Get started’

ii) Enter your Zenka registered phone number and click on ‘Next’

iii) Enter your Zenka PIN and tap ‘Sign In’

iv) Wait for Zenka systems to calculate your loan limit

v) Once your loan limit has been assigned, select your loan amount, repayment duration and tap ‘Apply Now’

vi) Confirm your loan summary details such as total amount due, issue/due date, principal/interest amount, effective rate and repayment schedule. Once done, click on ‘Get loan’

vii) Await for Zenka review process to complete automatically. For some applicants, an MPesa statement may be required to further assist in the review process. Otherwise, tap on ‘Refresh’ to proceed.

viii) Once your loan has been approved, wait for disbursement to your MPesa account and subsequent updating of your dashboard to reflect your active loan.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Being Approved For A Zenka Loan

Before getting assigned a loan limit, the Zenka systems usually perform a series of checks based on a variety of factors that help in making lending decisions.

Click here to learn more about how these factors affect your Zenka approval rate.

Zenka loan amounts

Zenka provides loan limit amounts from as low as Ksh500 to as high as Ksh 50,000 depending on your credit profile.

How To Check Your Zenka Loan Limit

To check your Zenka loan limit, simply login to the Zenka app and your limit will be displayed.

How To Qualify For Larger Zenka Loan Amounts

As previously stated, Zenka loan limits are automatically assigned by zenka systems based on a variety of criteria used to increase your Zenka loan limit.

Some of the zenka loan increment methods include;

i) Always repaying zenka loans on time
ii) Staying current on all outstanding loans with Zenka and external lenders
iii) Not deleting financial transaction SMS
iv) Maintaining a high credit score
v) Submitting your MPesa statement
vi) Actively using the MPesa service

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How To Top Up Your Zenka Loan Amount

Upon being assigned your loan limit, you have the option of applying for any loan amount within your limit.

For example, if your zenka loan limit is Ksh10,000 and you initially take a loan of Ksh 5,000, you are allowed to take additional top ups until you fully utilize your loan limit.

To top up via zenka simply;

i) Login to the zenka app
ii) Under the active loans section, click on ‘Need more money’
iii) Proceed and use the slider to select your preferred loan amount
iv) Click on ‘Get loan’
v) Your top up amount will be disbursed to your MPesa account

Note: For each successful top up, an additional interest will be incurred.

Zenka Loan Repayment Duration

Zenka loans are due up-to a maximum of 30 days with lesser periods of 7 and 14 days.

However, there exists longer periods of up-to 60 days through zenka loan due date extension

How To Extend Zenka Due Date

To avoid possible loan default that may negatively affect your zenka credit score and decrease your chances of getting approved for Zenka loans, zenka has provided a loan extension feature available via zenka loan ussd code *841# and the zenka app.

How To Repay Zenka Loans

As previously stated, zenka loans are repayable after a period of 7/14/30 days.

Zenka has three (3) repayment methods which include;

i) How To repay zenka loans via paybill

The official zenka paybill number is 979988 while the account number is your zenka registered phone number

ii) How To repay zenka loan via zenka ussd code *841#

Dial *841#
Enter your zenka PIN
Select option 3: Repay
Select option 2: Repay full amount
Enter MPesa PIN to complete the transaction

iii) How to repay zenka loan via zenka app

Login to your zenka account via the app
On the active loans page, click on ‘Repay Now’
Choose whether to repay in full or partial
Tap ‘Repay Now’
Enter your MPesa PIN to finalize the transaction


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