Try This Hack To Easily Withdraw Money From A Limited Kenyan PayPal Account [2023]


Login to your PayPal account

Click on ‘Transfer funds’

You will have noticed that PayPal only has the option of effecting transfers to U.S bank accounts. Therefore, you need to have linked a bank account prior to attempting transfer.

Unfortunately, PayPal only accepts U.S based bank accounts for this to be possible.

So what happens if you are in another country outside the U.S like Kenya? You may ask.

Well…. linking a Kenyan bank account to PayPal is indeed possible especially for Equity bank account holders.

As for the rest of the banks, one can easily link to Paypal them using the method mentioned in our previous article.

Once a bank account has been successfully linked, you will now see it as an option for transfer.

Transfer Paypal funds To Paypal Account

Select it and click ‘Next’

Choose the amount to be transferred.

Click ‘Next’

Review the transfer details. This page will provide an option to edit the amount as well as display the source, recipient and transfer charges of the funds to be transferred.

Once satisfied with the transaction, click ‘Transfer Now’

You will then receive a screen notification stating that the funds have been transferred.

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Transfer Paypal funds To Paypal Account2Additionally, you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal confirming the same.

The transfer usually takes 1-3 business days to complete.

Once the transfer has been completed, you will receive an email from Payoneer notifying you of the same.

Proceed and login to Payoneer and you shall see that the funds have reflected in the USD receiving account. To withdraw the funds, click on ‘Withdraw’.

Withdraw from Payoneer

You will be directed to the withdrawal details page whereby you are required to select the account to withdraw from i.e USD and the account to be transferred to (local bank account) followed by the amount to be withdrawn.

Once done, click on ‘Review’

Note: The minimum amount for withdrawal to bank account is $50 so in our case, we cannot effect the withdrawal since our amount is $0.97

Withdraw from Payoneer2


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