How To Top Up MCoop cash loan [2023]


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In our previous articles, we highlighted how one can qualify and apply for the MCoop cash loan by Cooperative bank. Additionally, how one can also withdraw the funds to MPesa and also check loan balance.

Below, we will look at how one can apply for top-up MCoop cash loan

Login to the MCoop cash app for Android or iOS

Click on the ‘Loans’ tab

Click on ‘Apply Loan’

Select loan type as ‘Top Up Salary loan’

You will receive a notification displaying the maximum top-up loan amount which you qualify for.

Afterwards, you will be required to enter an amount between the suggested amounts whereby your current loan balance will be offset.

Click on ‘OK’ and enter your preferred amount, view and accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Apply’

You will then receive a screen notification indicating your chosen loan amount, applicable commission fee, insurance fee and excise duty.

Once satisfied with the above details, click ‘OK’ to finalize the application and upon approval, you will receive an SMS notification.


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