How To Share Your Real Time Location To Your Contacts Via Android


It can be conclusively argued that the basis of any technological advancement lies within the betterment of human interaction with his/her surrounding. Proof of this statement can be noticed through the employment of such technology by various fields dealing in automation, machinery, computers, mechanics, robotics, telecommunications etc

One such field that has undergone a tremendous transformation is the  telecommunications sector, ever since the first publicized handheld mobile phone call in 1973 to the current breed of smartphones containing apps for anything you might require to fulfill your daily activities.

To some extent, these apps have also been used to save lives. In an era of frequent kidnappings, GPS technology has been very instrumental in providing leads in solving many cases and as such it is advisable to always share your location with trusted contacts in the eventuality of such circumstances.

Below, we look at how you can do so for free!

1.Ensure you have the Google maps app installed on your phone. If not, you can download it from Google Playstore

2.Once installed, open the app and your current location should be indicated by a blue dot.

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3.Click on the menu icon located at the top left, this should bring up a list of available options. Our main focus for this article will be ‘Location Sharing’ so click on it so as to get started.


4. Clicking on ‘GET STARTED’ will direct you to a subsequent screen whereby you are offered 2 preferences of how you would like to configure the duration with which to share your real time location.


1.Automatic disabling of sharing after time lapse– This option consists of preset periods with which you can share your real time location whereby transmission will be automatically cut off after the period has lapsed.

The least time is 15mins while the maximum is 3 days. You can make adjustments between the time limits using the minus and plus buttons on the right.

Furthermore, this selection permits sharing of your location via two options:

  • Phonebook contact list: This will send an SMS link to your chosen contacts with which they can use to monitor your movements.
  • 3rd party apps: This will send a link to your installed social media and Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Skype etc.

2. Manual disabling of sharing: This option has no set time limits. However, it does not allow sharing of your location via 3rd party apps.

NOTE; For contacts not connected to a Google account, they shall be able to see your location but for a limited period of only 3 days.

Once the link has been sent to your contacts, they can click on it and they will be directed to the google map page with your current position locked in so they can be able to monitor your every movement.

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