Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Leaving Your Damaged Phone At The Repair Shop!


As the years go by, everything changes and takes a new perspective. Everything from our surrounding to our own bodies and mindset as well. Something that has really changed with a wide margin is technology.

Gone are the days we used to send letters via post offices, telegrams and even use physical messengers. Now with the advancement in technology we have various mediums at our disposal ranging from computers, mobile phones, ipads and many more.

Mobile phones however play a major role in communication advancement in that it is affordable by everyone. What differentiates them is in their features and productivity which ultimately determines their price ranges.

So you have successfully acquired your dream phone but somewhere along the years it develops a problem and the nightmare begins. Frantic efforts to personally repair it bears no fruits and there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that you are willing to buy a new one so you opt to take it to a repair shop.

Depending on the duration of repair, you finally go to pick it up and at face value you love the repair job. A few weeks later, your phone stalls again and you take it back to the repair shop only this time, they diagnose it with a different problem. You pick it up after a duration only for the cycle to repeat itself again.

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This as you can see is a clever tactic phone repairers do to keep you coming back whilst milking your money from you. The trick is when you deliver your phone for repair, they will indeed repair it but with low quality accessories. Some even go as far as removing the genuine components of your phone and replacing them with low quality ones too.

Beware not all of them sink this low inorder to earn extra cash, you just have to be wise in choosing. I suggest that if your phone encounters a particular problem, make use of the warranty provided and in case it has expired, try as much as possible to have them repaired at the phone manufacturers outlets.


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