How To Remove Safaricom User Number Busy Response [2023]


How To Remove Safaricom User Number Busy Response

In Kenya, Safaricom is regarded as the largest telecommunications provider with the largest market share and of course the most profitable, thanks to its wide array of products targeted to consumers subscribed to its network.

Despite its massive infrastructural capabilities, safaricom users at times do not fully enjoy the ultimate experience that comes with being subscribed to the most dominant and popular service.

Such dissatisfaction usually arises from occasional service interruptions caused by system failure or down-time due to maintenance of crucial services such as M-Pesa which is the most popular mode of money transfer not only in Kenya but international.

Apart from M-Pesa, other widely used safaricom products are its calling services tailored for both prepaid and postpaid customers and flexible tariff rates.

In spite of the above, users are raising complaints concerning increase in call failures that result in an automated user busy response stating that “The number you are trying to reach is currently busy. Please hold or call back later”

While this may be a very irritating response to encounter during an emergency, apart from safaricom systems, it might at times be caused by the actions of the end-user. Below are some of the sources that may result in a user busy response.

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Network issue: Fluctuations or absence of network signal strength may lead to service interruptions and result in calls not getting through.

Blacklisted number: Numbers of person(s) blacklisted either through phone settings or blocking software will generally not go through unless the blocker removes the person from the blacklist.

Call barring settings: This feature is available on all phones and can basically be set to prevent all incoming or outgoing calls.

Call forwarding settings: This feature forwards all calls to an alternative number.

Phone malfunction: Software or hardware defects may affect a phone’s normal functioning that may extend to call features.

User on another call: The person being called may be engaged in another call.

With the above possible reasons, below are some of the ways to remove the user number busy response for Safaricom.

Ensure that you are in an area with sufficient network coverage and that the Safaricom’s network bars are all ‘full’. Alternatively, if your line has lost network, restart your phone or try the line on a different phone. If still no network, dial *100# and select option 2: Sim card queries to replace your SIM.

Ensure that you have not blacklisted the number of the person trying to call you. There are lots of popular blocking apps such as truecaller. To check whether a number has been blocked via truecaller, go to the app’s block settings and manage blocked numbers.

Ensure that call barrings and forwarding settings are not active. This can be done by dialing #21# to disable call forwarding or disable call barring for outgoing call via #33*0000# and disable call barring for incoming calls via #35*0000#

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If in the event that a person maybe currently engaged on another call, wait a few minutes and then attempt to make another call.

If none of the above work, contact Safaricom customer care through the numbers 100 or 234. Alternatively, you can also reach them via their social media handles @Safaricom_Care (twitter) or @SafaricomPLC (facebook)


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