How To Check Phone Numbers Registered With Your ID [2022]


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The progression of technology has brought with it both benefits and drawbacks depending on the circumstance in which it is applied.

For example, digital banking has revolutionized the operations of traditional banks whereby the majority of transactions can be effected online without the need of physical access to the bricks-and-mortar banks.

Consequently, this has also led to instances of digital fraud whereby criminals engage in identity theft in-order to steal from unsuspecting victims. While some attempts have proved successful, the majority of companies now invest heavily in data security systems for their clients especially in the telecommunication sector.

One such security measure adopted by mobile network operators in Kenya is through the use of a verification service which allows users to check and report unknown numbers that are registered using one’s national ID details.

However, the service is only accessible through one’s primary number which is the oldest and most active number registered on the provider’s network and can only be changed by contacting the help desk.

Upon reporting an unknown number, it will be suspended in 6 hours and in case it was reported by mistake, you can cancel it within 6 hours of making the report otherwise, you need to contact the help-desk to cancel the reported numbers submitted over 6 hours.

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In the event that you cannot see a number that you are sure is registered under your name, this may either be due to registration being done as a corporate rather than with an individual’s ID or the number is no longer registered with the ID.

The service can be accessed by dialing *106# through any sim card.

For Safaricom users, dialing the code will bring up the below menu whereby you will have options to either check your numbers, report unknown number(s), check reported number(s) and cancel a reported number.


For Airtel users, dialing *106# will bring up the menu below whereby you will be required to input your national ID so as to receive an SMS detailing the numbers.



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