How To Get Cooperative Bank Statement

The Cooperative bank of Kenya is regarded as one of the top tier 1 banks in Kenya owing to its large asset base as well as numerous branches located nationwide offering various product portfolios ranging from banking (personal/business/corporate), investments, forex, money transfer etc

Despite its large presence nationwide, the bank has also invested widely in remote banking whereby its customers can access services without the necessity of physically visiting any of its branches which has been made achievable through the use of either online or mobile banking.

Under such platforms users can effectively fulfill enquiries and make transactions such as sending and receiving payments, buying airtime, paying bills, request for loans etc

Apart from the above, users can also request for Coop bank statements online using the below highlighted methods.

1) Ussd

The Ussd option for accessing Coop bank services is either *667# or *266#. However, to access the menu for Coop statements via this option, you need to dial *667# and input your 4-digit Pin.

Once at the menu, choose option 98: ‘More’ in-order to view the rest of the menu then choose option 14 for Account enquiries.

On the next menu, there is the option to select either ‘Mini’ or ‘Full’ statement.

If you prefer Mini statement, you will be required to select the account and account number you would like the statement for followed by the confirmation of the request charges required in-order to finalize the transaction.

For full statements, select the account & account number as well as duration period of between 1-3 months, delivery mode (email or collection at branch) and lastly confirmation of charges to complete the process.

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2) MCoop cash

To use MCoop cash app, you need to first download it from the Playstore or App Store. Once logged in, click on the ‘All Services’ tab followed by ‘My Account’.

On the next screen, there will be the options of either Mini Statement or Full statement whereby you will be also required to select the account from which you would like the statement to be captured from, duration period of between 1-3 months as well as the delivery mode i.e via email or collection at the bank’s branch.

Once all the above have been fulfilled, click on ‘Get Statement’

3) Internet banking

The third way to access your Co-op bank statement online is by using the bank’s online banking product. To do this, you need to first register for Co-op internet banking and once registered, you can proceed and login to your account either online or via app.

In your account’s homepage, click on the 3 menu buttons as shown below.


The above action will direct you to the below screen whereby you need to click on the statement menu located at the top right menu.


Doing this, will enable you access the statement menu whereby you will be required to choose your preferred account as well as the duration period for the statement.


Once this has been done, click on ‘View’ whereby an online version of your statement will be displayed. However, if you require the PDF version, click on the download button accessible at the top right corner.

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4) Coop Customer Care

If none of the above methods work, you can also reach out to Coop customer care to request them send you your statement via email. However, this is only possible if your email address is already captured in their systems. To confirm this, you will be required to share your account number and mobile number.

Below are the avenues with which you can contact Coop customer care.

Facebook: @coopbankenya

Instagram: @coopbankenya

Twitter: @Coopbankenya

Call Center Numbers: 020-2776000, 0703027000

Whatsapp: +254736690101

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