How To File NSSF Returns As An Employer In 2023


How To File NSSF Returns As An Employer In 2022

NSSF is a mandatory scheme for all members in formal employment whereby employers are required to remit monthly contributions of their employees by the 9th of each month while returns by 15th of the following month.

As such, NSSF has set up certain guidelines with which employers are expected to follow when filing NSSF returns.

One such guideline is through the use of the prescribed payroll template format shown below which enables employers and NSSF to capture additional details of the wider variety of pension contributions

sample return file

Once the template has been prepared in the above format, NSSF returns can therefore be filed using the process outlined below;

Navigate to the NSSF employer self service portal

Login using your username and password

Click on ‘Payroll converter’ to be directed to the payroll converter page whereby the employer info is displayed such as ; employer number, full name, KRA PIN as well as summary monthly payroll submissions done for the previous periods.

Click on ‘Create payroll period’ located at the bottom

In the mini window that pops up, enter the required details below

– Payroll period in the format MM/YY
– Payroll type
– Contribution type i.e Tier 1 / Tier 1&2 / old rates

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Once done, click ‘Open’ to receive a notification stating that the submission period has been created successfully.

NSSF employer dashboard A 1

On the created file period, click on ‘File Upload’ to upload the payroll template. To do this, click ‘Choose’ and select the payroll template then click ‘Upload’

Once the upload is successful, you will receive a notification stating the same.

Proceed and click on the ‘Back’ button to return payroll converter page and tap ‘ Process payroll data’ – Note: This may require multiple clicks until notified that the process is complete

NSSF employer dashboard B vert

Click on ‘Upload produced SF24’ link in-order to be directed to the SF24 submissions page

On this page, Click on ‘Check submissions’ multiple times until notified that the submission state has been modified.

Click on ‘Submission’ to bring up the ‘View Check results’ and ‘View SF24’ links which will signify that your submission is successful.

NSSF employer dashboard E vert

Click on ‘Payment order’ located at the left menu to bring up the payment order page containing employer info, KRA PIN, UPN, issue date, control total, payment due date/description/mode, bank code etc

Enter your bank code and drag the SF24 file from the top to the bottom whereby the system will auto detect the total amount and display it at the bottom.

NSSF employer dashboard H vert

Click on the ‘Save’ button located at the top to generate the NSSF payment order containing various details such as; Unique payment number, payment mode, account name & number, employer name & number, bank name, branch & code, issue date & payment due date etc

NSSF employer dashboard I VERT 1Proceed and make the bank payment as per the payment order then attach both the bank slip and payment order for submission to the NSSF office for processing.


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