How To Create HELB Account In 2023


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The Higher Education Loans Board commonly known as HELB is a Kenyan government parastatal under the Ministry of Education.

The statutory body is tasked with the provision of finance to individuals undertaking higher education in public or private universities and colleges.

However, in-order to be able to access the various services offered by HELB, one needs to first register by creating an account under their student portal.

By doing so, users can be able to make applications for the various HELB loan product categories such as;

Additional services provided through the HELB portal include;

  • Checking loan status
  • Checking loan balances

So, now that we know the benefits of registering for an account with HELB, let us proceed with the HELB account creation process below

How To Create HELB Account

  • Navigate to the HELB Student portal
  • Enter your national ID and first name as per your ID
  • Select the relevant option as per your ID card ie whether your are a Kenyan citizen with a Kenyan ID or foreign resident with an Alien ID
  • Once the above are done, click ‘Validate’
  • Additional fields will appear requiring you to enter and confirm both your email address and password upon which an activation link will be sent to the email address provided above.
  • Clicking on this activation link will direct you back to the login page that is automatically populated with your email address and password thus to proceed you only need to click on ‘Login’
  • On the next screen, you need to enter your phone number so as to receive a SMS confirmation code that will be input in the subsequent screen.
  • Upon successful verification of the code, you will now be able to access your HELB dashboard.


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