How To Claim NSSF Benefits In Kenya Upon Retirement [2023]


How To Claim NSSF Benefits In Kenya

Nothing speaks volumes about taking advantage of a situation like the much popular phrases ‘saving for a rainy day’ or ‘making hay while the sun shines’

Such phrases denote the benefits of effectively making use of a particular moment with the probability that there may never be another opportunity to do so and are applicable to almost every aspect of our daily lives including personal and work life.

For example, when it comes to matters of employment, it is often advised to save a certain percentage of one’s income while still in employment in-order to cater for retirement either through a savings account or pension scheme.

For instance in Kenya, there exists a nationwide scheme tasked with providing a platform for workers to make adequate contributions during their productive years to cater for their livelihoods in old age and other resulting consequences such as death or invalidity among others.

The National Social Security Fund commonly referred to as the NSSF is a state programme that provides such a cover for both the employed as well as those in self-employment through mandatory and voluntary contributions respectively.

Such contributions can thereby be claimed upon age/retirement, death, invalidity or emigration through a claim process provided by the NSSF.

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In the event that an individual has attained retirement age, the below procedure is useful in the event that one is seeking to claim NSSF benefits in Kenya.

How To Claim NSSF Benefits In Kenya

The NSSF retirement benefits scheme usually exists in two funds i.e pension and new provident fund.

In the pension fund, contributions are mandatory and covers all Kenyan workforce in formal employment while for the new provident fund, contribution is voluntary and covers those in self-employment.

In addition, the pension fund is only accessible upon the attainment age of 60 years and retirement from gainful employment or opted for early retirement at 50 years and above while the new provident fund is payable to members who retire upon the attainment age of 50 years.

However, before any application can be made to claim NSSF benefits in Kenya, there are certain documents that need to be submitted for the process to be successful. These include:

  • NSSF membership statement – this is accessible through the NSSF portal, USSD code *330# or at the nearest NSSF office or Huduma center.
  • Membership card (optional)
  • Original national ID
  • Postal address
  • Bank details
  • Copy of ATM card
  • Employment details- this includes the names of all employers, their PIN numbers and  and employment dates i.e start and stop dates
  • Duly filled left thumbprint form
  • Duly filled fingerprints form
  • Copy of retirement/termination/dismissal letter

In addition, one is required to accurately fill the retirements benefits application form by providing the below required information:

  • Ticking the appropriate fund from which claimant is seeking benefits
  • Membership name, number and ID number
  • Nationality
  • Address details like district, location, sub-location and village
  • Personal contacts such as postal address, code, town, telephone number and email address.
  • Particulars of witness such as full names, postal address, code, town, phone number and email.
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Upon completion of the above, the forms should be submitted to the NSSF offices or any nearest huduma center branch.

NOTE: Any inaccurate or fraudulent details provided will lead to imprisonment not exceeding three months, fine not exceeding Ksh 300,000 or both.


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