Are You Wrongly Blacklisted By CRB For A Loan You Did Not Take? Here’s How You Can File A Dispute.

file a dispute with crb

The gradual shift towards the digital space has brought with it numerous benefits whereby the world has been transformed into a global village.

This means that communication and accessibility has been simplified thanks to the technological advancements interconnecting the various continents through the online network.

However, such breakthroughs do sometimes come at a price.

Besides the actual cost implications of adopting such technological modernities, this has also led to increase in cyber-crime.

Cyber crime refers to any illegal activity that occurs digitally and usually takes on various forms like phishing scams, hacking, cyber-stalking, software piracy and many others.

However, the most common one is identity theft whereby criminals assume the identity of their victims by obtaining their personal information then using it to make purchases or access credit.

Consequently, victims of such are usually left with huge financial debts that they are not privy to and at times find themselves blacklisted by CRB.

If you happen to be a statistic, follow the below steps to get yourself out of that situation without having to pay a single cent!

1. Request for a credit report from any of the 3 licensed Credit bureaus to ascertain whether the contents of the report are ACCURATE.

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If the contents are INACCURATE, proceed with the next step and file a dispute with the CRB institution with which you requested the CRB report from.

2. To lodge a dispute claim with;

Credit Info

Click on the link and fill in the online lodge dispute form whereby you will be required to submit below details.

  • Credit reference number (This number is found at the top Right hand side on the first page of your Credit Report next to the words reference number)
  • ID Number
  • Full Names
  • ID Type ( National ID /Passport /Alien Card /Service ID /Company registration )
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of financial institution that forwarded your details for blacklisting
  • Dispute Category ( Individual / Non-Individual )
  • Give a detailed description of what you are disputing.
  • Attach relevant documents

Once the form is filled and submitted, Credit info shall then take 5 working days upon receiving the disputed information in a customer’s credit report and shall start investigations with the parties involved.

If Credit Info after completing its investigations finds out that the disputed customer information turns out to be false, it may charge the customer for the costs of its services incurred during investigation.


Contact Transunion and request for a dispute form.

Once you have filled the dispute form, you will be required to attach additional documents for verification before you can submit.

On receipt of the dispute form and supporting documentation, TransUnion will provide you with a reference number.

TransUnion will begin investigations as soon as all your documentation is received to substantiate your dispute or query.

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The investigations are usually finalized within 20 business days whereby the institution that reported the information is requested to provide credible evidence to support the listing in question.

The outcome of the investigation is then documented any necessary amendments to your credit report are made. You will then be notified of the outcome of your dispute.


Download the Metropol Individual Credit Report dispute form

You will be required to enter the details below:

  • Surname and other names
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • National ID / Passport Number
  • PIN Number
  • Postal Address/Code/Town and Country
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Nature Of Dispute

Also you are required to attach certified true copies of documents supporting your dispute.






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