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Best budget Phones Under Ksh20000

It can be safe to say that the smartphone was first popularized to Kenyans by none other than Safaricom ever since the introduction of the Huawei Ideos U8150 through the partnership of Safaricom and Huawei back in the late 2010

Due to its touch screen technology coupled with its introductory price range of about Ksh8,000, the phone became an instant hotcake as it sold out immediately within the first few months of launch

Fast forward 22 years later, the Kenyan smartphone market has evolved tremendously thus accommodating a variety of phone manufacturers catering to all caliber of individuals as well as smartphone programmes such as buying phones on loan and phone trade-ins that simplify the smartphone ownership process.

Therefore, with a limited budget of let’s say Ksh10,000, you can easily land your dream phone with all the proper specs that suit your needs if you look in all the right places.

Below are some of the best places that you can not only buy budget smartphones online but can also pay in installments.

1. Jumia Marketplace

Jumia banner

Jumia is an online marketplace with a presence in several countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya among others.

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Through the Jumia platform, you can easily buy a wide range of products ranging from household appliances, office equipment, electronics, fashion, health & beauty plus many more from globally recognized brands and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Under the smartphone category, there exists a variety of options to choose from in terms of; Operating system ( Android, iOS, Windows etc ), brands, price, discount percentage, product rating, seller score, shipment mode ( From abroad or Kenya) as well as express delivery

Depending on your budget, you can proceed to use the price tracker to filter the available smartphones within your budget range.

a) Jumia Phones Under Ksh10,000

Under this price range, you can find brand names such as Tecno, X-Tigi, Nokia, Oppo, Vfone, Itel, Ulefone and Safaricom Neon Ray with the average specs for phones under this price range include 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM and dual SIM.

b) Jumia Phones Under Ksh15,000

Phones under this price range have brand names like Infinix, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and RealMe whereby the average specs include 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM capacities.

c) Jumia Phones Under Ksh20,000

Smartphones under this price range have brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei. The average specs for smartphones under this price range include 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM

2. Lipa MosMos Marketplace


Lipa MosMos is a BNPL service that caters to reserving products bought through the service after which the reserved item is delivered to you upon completion of full payment for the item.

The service covers a range of categories including computing, hardware & construction, furniture, home improvement, gaming, phones & tablets etc

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Within the Lipa MosMos smartphone section, there exists different brands at varying price ranges whereby budget phones between Ksh10,000 – Ksh20,000 attract brand names such as Itel, Nokia, Tecno, X-Tigi, Infinix, Xiaomi and Samsung.

To buy through the platform, simply click on the ‘Lipa MosMos’ tab under your preferred phone and proceed to provide your personal & delivery details as well as initial payment.

3. LipaLater Marketplace

LipaLater tecno

LipaLater is another BNPL service that is currently available across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda that provides flexible payments of up-to 12 months for items purchased through the service.

Besides dealing in home appliances, furniture, second hand items among others, Lipa later also offers smartphones regardless of the price range and make. Some of the smartphones available within the Ksh10K – Ksh20K include;

a) Lipa Later phones under Ksh10,000 : Phones for this price range include brands such as Nokia, Itel, Tecno & Ulefone

b) Lipa Later phones under Ksh15,000 : Phone brands under this price are such as Vivo, Redmi, Samsung, Infinix & RealMe

c) Lipa Later phones under Ksh20,000 : This price range contains phones like Samsung, Huawei and Oppo


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