Are Zenka Loans Safe & Secure? Here’s What You Need To Know


Zenka is a licensed digital lender in Kenya approved by the Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK) to undertake its lending operations under a supervised authority.

As such, Zenka joins a list of other notable digital lenders such as Tala, Branch, Bayes etc

One of the reasons that necessitated the licensing requirements of the digital lenders in Kenya was the predatory lending and intrusive debt recovery tactics that involved calling phone-book contacts.

Despite the measures enforced by CBK to tame rogue digital lenders, there is still the subject of privacy and security concerns considering that loan apps still require granting of permission access to your phone data.

In this article, we will focus on one of the best loan apps in Kenya (Zenka) with over 5 million downloads and 100K+ reviews on the playstore.

We will look at the various measures implemented by Zenka to ensure that their loans are safe and secure and to do this, we will focus on 5 key areas which include;

1. Data Privacy

Zenka collects and stores personal information from you including personal info and financial data obtained from granting access to your phone data such as calls, SMS etc

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This fact is highlighted in their privacy policy accessible upon launching the Zenka loan app whereby it states that by default, Zenka collects data for purposes of;

a) Identity verification
b) Credit risk assessment
c) Fraud prevention
d) Personalized loan offers & marketing messages
e) Behavioral analysis
f) Processing transactions
g) KYC obligation requirements
h) Credit scoring
i) Contact channel (Phone/SMS/WhatsApp)
j) Anti-money laundering checks
k) Database analysis to prevent data duplication
l) Obligation fulfillment to you and Zenka partners

In addition, Zenka also states that your personal information may only be shared to third parties strictly under your consent and in a lawful manner.

You can read more on Zenka data privacy via their online privacy statement or Zenka app.

2. Loan Terms & Conditions

Before you apply for a Zenka loan, it is advisable to read and understand the loan terms & conditions so as to be aware of the interest rates, repayment terms and any additional charges associated with your Zenka loan.

Alternatively, Zenka also provides loan summary details displaying the cost of your loan in terms of interest, total amount due as well as effective interest rate.

3. Licensing & Registration

Zenka being licensed with Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK) means that it operates under Kenya’s legal framework.

4. Customer Reviews & Rating

Instead of using the lifetime average value of user reviews, the Playstore uses the present quality ratings from user reviews to determine how well an app is rated.

Currently Zenka has 108K+ reviews with an average of 4.1 star rating indicating that Zenka is a reliable and trustworthy lender.

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Some of the positive reviews revolve around easy loan application, fast disbursement, reliability and repayment period.

5. Customer Support

Zenka loan provides customer support to its customers through a wide variety of platforms including;

a) Email:
b) Telephone: +254 (0) 207 650 878
c) Facebook: @ZenkaKenya
d) Twitter: @ZenkaFinance

e) Playstore reviews: Zenka is also active in responding to customer reviews at the playstore.

f) Zenka chat bot: Customers can also interactively engage with Zenka chat bot popularly known as Zena who provides all answers to customer related Zenka queries touching on loans, registration procedures, credit limits, technical support etc.

zena chatbot

Zena is available via the contact support menu in the Zenka app as well as Facebook messenger.

g) Live chat support: In the event that you may require interaction with a human representative, there is an option to choose from the Zenka app or Facebook messenger.

The quality of Zenka customer support indicates how seriously they take their customer’s needs and concerns.


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