9 Useful Services To Trade In Your Old Phone For A New One In Kenya

Smartphones are among the widely used forms of communication owing to the popularity of messaging platform apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter downloadable from market places such as Playstore and Appstore.

Due to the high demand of smartphones generated by the above, businesses in Kenya have come up with various programs to meet the demand by making smartphone ownership easy. Such programs include;

1. Phone financing: involves buying phones on loan and paying in installments over a pre-defined duration.

2. Phone Trade-In: involves trading one’s current phone for either cash payment or upgrade purposes.

Unlike phone financing, phone trade-In is not necessarily a common occurrence in Kenya due to lack of information regarding the procedure as well as businesses offering the option.

Phone Trade-In Requirements In Kenya

Before a phone trade-In can be successful, there are necessary device evaluation steps that need to be undertaken. These include;

a) Phone Specification

This refers to the phone specs such as brand name, model, variant (RAM & storage), IMEI number, Serial number, device colour etc

These details can be easily sourced from different locations including;

a) Original phone box: the info can be found at any of the sides of the box the phone was originally purchased in.

b) Phone settings: one can easily check the device info depending on the phone model.

For iPhones, go to Settings, select ‘General’ and tap ‘About’
For Android, go to Settings, select ‘About Phone’

Other info such as IMEI number can also be checked by dialing the ussd code *#06#

c) 3rd party websites

One can also use third party websites such as IMEI.info to gather information in relation to one’s phone specs. This option provides services such as IMEI check, warranty check and blacklist check

b) Device Evaluation

This section checks to ensure the phone’s functional and physical state. Such checks include;

a) Functional checks involves the functioning capabilities of the phone’s features such as; WiFi, infrared, fingerprint scanner, flashlight, face sensor, speaker, earpiece, Bluetooth, charging port, power button, phone vibration, microphone, camera, volume buttons etc

b) Physical checks involve the physical state of the phone such as; broken camera, cracked screen, battery issues, multiple scratches, dents/dings, water damage etc

c) Proof of purchase checks involves the availability of the phone’s original packaging, charger, USB, purchase receipt etc

c) Price Valuation

As per the outcomes of the above steps mentioned above, the phone can now be valued and a price quotation issued.

Depending on the quoted price, one can therefore choose to finalize the trade-in process or search for another option.

Currently, there are several businesses offering phone trade-in programs in Kenya and they include;

1. Badili Africa

Badili Africa phone trade-in programme offers customers the option to buy/sell phones from a variety of brand names including iPhone, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, RealMe etc

To trade-in your phone via Badili Africa, simply follow the below procedure

Step 1: Navigate to Badili Africa website
Step 2: Select whether to buy/sell your phone
Step 3: Choose your device’s variant i.e RAM and storage capacity inorder to be provided with the provisional price quotation.
Step 4: Proceed to answer the device evaluation checks
Step 5: Enter your phone number to receive an OTP sent via SMS and input the PIN
Step 6: Upon completion of the application process, a Badili customer care agent will get in touch and confirm the schedule pickup and date
Step 7: On the assigned date, a technician will visit the location and verify the information provided during the evaluation phase of the application process.
Step 8: Upon verification, the final price quotation is stated.
Step 9: Proceed to sign the sales agreement and affidavit, hand over the phone to the technician and payment processed via M-Pesa or bank transfer upon which an invoice will be sent to your email address or WhatsApp.

Badili Africa Contacts

Location: Chiromo Court, 2nd Floor, Westlands
Phone: 0725 626262

2. Apple Centre

Apple Centre provides their clients with the option of saving money on new purchases by trading in their current devices whereby the device’s value is determined by its capacity, colour, condition, generation in addition to other factors.

Apple Centre phone trade-in programme deals exclusively with Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

To trade in your phone via Apple Centre, simply;

Navigate to the online trade-in form
Full in the required details including full names, phone number and email address
Select current device type, storage and colour
Select the condition of the device whereby

Grade A – good as new
Grade B – minimal signs of usage
Grade C – visible signs of tear
Grade D- something is faulty

Once done, click ‘Submit’

Apple Centre contacts

Location: 6th Floor, Rehema House, Standard street
Phone: 0722 986 457

3. Carlcare

Carlcare is the official after-sales service brand for Tecno, Infinix and Itel.

It offers two models of CarlCare trade-in services which include;

Phone4cash: trade-in your phone for cash payment
Swap Plan: trade in your phone for a new one

To trade in your phone via Carlcare, simply visit any of the below branches dependent on your location to complete the device evaluation steps and trade in your phone.

QueenTom Mboya Street0715553084
GalectroMoi Avenue Street 0717732592
StegonKimathi Street0729200864
SkyMallShop number 111, Skymall basement, Luthuli Avenue0745699933
CarlCare Luthuli2nd Floor, Complex House, Luthuli Avenue,0709698888
Pigeon Mobile shopTom mboya street, Dominion House, Ground floor101520078
Signet Communication LTDMoi avenue street, Tumaini house, Ground floor0722249249
Ropem ArchivesMoi Avenue, Mr. Price Moi Avenue, Adjacent0715200797
Ropem Kenya CinemaMoi Avenue, Kenya Cinema Plaza, Ground floor0715200797
Ropem TrendsTom Mboya Street, KTDA plaza ground floor0715200797
KenWire TechKenyatta Avenue, Caxton House, Ground floor, next to Carlacre caxton0741493619
Mobile ConnectKenyatta Avenue, Kimathi House, Ground floor0700366395
Mobile ConnectMoi Avenue, Kenya Tea Development Agency House, Ground floor0700366395
OSRP E-SAFInside Safaricom Moi Avenue 0709698888
Carlcare-ThikaELICA Plaza ,1st-Flr Rm 1,Plot no. 5963/22 ,Kwame Nkrumah Road0780795707

4. PhonePlace

Besides selling of phone products and accessories, PhonePlace also offers phone trade-in services for Infinix, Itel and Tecno brands

To trade-in your phone via PhonePlace,

Fill in the online trade-in form requiring your name(s), phone number, email address, device type & brand and the device you want to get.

PhonePlace contacts

Location: Bazaar Plaza, Mezzanine 1, Moi Avenue
Phone: 0726 526 375

5. iFix

iFix is a mobile phone repair service that deals in repair of various damaged devices such as screen repair, battery issues etc

Besides, repairing iFix also offers trade-in options for select high end devices such iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus etc

To trade in your phone via iFix,

Fill in the online trade-in form requiring both your personal and device details such as full names, email address, phone number, ID number, device name, model & storage, device condition in details as well as device IMEI number and serial number.

iFix Contacts

Location: Kimathi street, Pioneer House, 2nd Floor Office no 1
Phone: 0700 049 000

6. TechBay

TechBay allows trade-in cash for old or damaged phones and also helps in the acquisition of one’s preference.

To trade in your phone via TechBay, simply contact them via;

Location: Latema Plaza, 2nd Floor, Suite 203 along Latema Road near Odeon
Phone: 0723 981 091

7. PhoneTradeIn

Just as the name suggests, the company deals in all phone brands whereby all models are bought in any condition and at any time of the year.

To trade-in your phone via PhoneTradeIn, contact them via;

Location: Ecobank towers, Ground Floor,Standard Street opposite 680 Hotel
Phone: 0111 040 955 / 0111 040 920

8. Smartphone Store

Smartphone Store is a business that deals in the sale of smartphone devices and accessories in addition to offering trade-in services for the same.

To trade-in your phone via Smartphone Store,

Fill in the trade-in request form available online

You will be required to provide your first & last names, phone number, email, device make & model, device photo and device condition whether it is good as new or has a faulty part.

You are also to state whether they are to pick up the device or personally take it to their shop.

Once at the shop, the device is tested and valued upon which you will be advised on the trade-in top up amount.

9. Titanium

Titanium provides a trade-in option whereby you can trade in your eligible phone or tablet for credit towards the next purchase and save upwards of 50%

The trade-in values vary based on the device’s condition, year and device configuration.

To trade in via Titanium, contact them through;

Location: Kimathi street, Pioneer House, 6th Flr office no.6
Phone: 0702 420 410

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