How To Check CRB Online [2021]- No App Required!

Metropol App

Anyone with an overdue loan of more than 3 months must have had the displeasure of meeting the acquaintance of at least one member of a credit reference bureau.

Commonly referred to as CRB, these are institutions created for sharing credit information whereby financial institutions can refer to when making lending decisions.

In Kenya, there are 3 legally entrusted institutions that undertake the fore-mentioned CRB functions i.e Metropol, Trans-union and Credit-info.

These companies provide relevant information to lenders as well as borrowers through various platforms for efficient service delivery.

Recently, Metropol launched the web version of its popular Crystobol app available in the playstore that is equally simple to use.

To begin, click on the link to be directed to the Metropol homepage.

Once on the homepage, click on the button ‘SIGN UP FOR WEB‘ and you will be directed to the registration page.

Metropol Crystobol 1

Fill in the required information i.e National ID and mobile number then click on ‘Next‘ tab to proceed.

If you already have an account with Metropol, you will be directed to the sign In page whereby you will be required to input your National ID then click ‘PROCEED‘.

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The next screen will require you to select the email address with which you would like to sign in with.

Metropol Crystobol 2

Upon selection, you will be automatically directed to the next page requiring a password. Once you enter the correct password, you will land on the app’s homepage showing your overall Metro Score as well as recent activities within your account.

Metropol Crystobol 3

To access the other Metropol services, click on ‘ALL SERVICES‘ tab located at the bottom of the app.

Metropol Crystobol 4



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