Wordads Earnings 2020 (Jan-Nov 2020) – Part 2

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……. I proceeded to go all out and enabled all the ad options which was basically to show ads to EVERYONE that landed on my blog.

I was a bit disappointed that the only ad options allowed were only on ( top of each page, below a post and at sidebar ) compared to AdSense which literally littered articles with ads.


I expected mad earnings in the first week of displaying ads but majority were in-house ads and further research in the Wordads forum explained that this was normal as it took some time (up-to 2 weeks) for consumer ads to start showing.

I monitored my earnings for the next 6 months and they were terrible!

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In July 2020, I decided to revamp my blog.

I got rid of my initial Piano black theme and opted for the one currently installed.

This decision was the second BEST I had made for my blog. Loading times are faster, the theme allows customization and it also looks simple and sweet!

It was also in this month that I discovered that WordPress had introduced a new editor known as ‘Block editor‘ as a successor to the ‘Classic editor

This new block editor had a lot of amazing features but the one that ultimately proved WELL WORTH to me was the ability to place different types of ads within the articles.

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I quickly took advantage of this discovery and placed ads across all my most popular articles.

In addition, I happened to bump across the option of enabling the GDPR Cookie & Consents banner widget while scouring the Wordads forum.

This action according to responses from various WordPress staff, somehow contributed to increase in earnings.

Another contributor to increased earnings that was often being emphasized by WordPress staff at the WordPress forums was that North American ads paid more than the ads from other countries.

The following month of August 2020, WordPress also happened to complete a major update to Wordads.

The overall increase in earnings for the month of August 2020 were arguably noticeable!


With the new increase in earnings, I felt encouraged to churn out more articles as well as implement free SEO techniques I came across online.

This was further cemented by the fact that my blog largely generates 98% of views purely from organic traffic so ( I could not be bothered to share articles to social media. just yet!)

The earnings for the months of September and October 2020 speak for themselves as I continuously tried to stick to a routine of regularly posting articles.


Although the earnings may seem negligible compared to established blogs, the consistent increase in earnings as a result of my concerted effort proves that certain goals are achievable.

The Wordads earnings for November are pretty solid since i managed to almost double the earnings of the previous month. Am not sure whether this is common during holidays due to higher CPM rates by advertisers or not.

wordads earnings 2020

In summarily, I can confidently state that if you want higher earnings from Wordads, you need to put more personal effort by ensuring that you;

  • Choose a compatible theme that is fast and responsive both on (desktop and mobile )
  • Increase Wordads placements so as to increase impressions.
  • Enable the Cookies Consent banner widget.
  • Work on SEO optimizing your blog/website to increase organic traffic.
  • Post regularly
  • Target North American viewers to increase CPM rate.
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Currently, I do not rely much on Wordads since I generate a lot more income through affiliate marketing.

But where there is a will, there’s definitely a way. I will continue in my quest to find out if in the coming years, I will be able to entirely live off wordads.

I hope this personal review helps out anyone hoping to join Wordads or has joined Wordads.


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    The ads I am seeing on your blog on 19th july 2021 are from wordads or adsense

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