What is Covert hypnosis?


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We live in a world full of numerous beliefs, myths, laws, mysteries, rumors, cultures, taboos or conspiracies which affect our daily lives in various capacities. Such capacities diversify into domains of traditional, environmental, economical, political, religious or scientific aspects of the society.

Although their presence are recognized, most of them either lack precise origins or possess paradoxical viewpoints while others lack concrete purposes for their existence hence have to be blindly adopted by future generations in order to ensure their continuity.

Despite such anomalies, various attempts have been made over the years to bring them at an equilibrium of some sort while trying to build a relationship among them so as to validate their existence. Such attempts in some cases have proved futile but in others, it has deemed a successful venture.

Through linking historical events with modern understanding and technology, many myths, conspiracies and mysteries have managed to be debunked.

moon landingFrom the discovery of human fossils to prove man’s evolutionary status to the amazing moon landing to discover its secrets. Through the years, historical biblical artefacts have also been gradually unearthed

All the above have ultimately been made possible through Science which by definition refers to a branch of study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.

As you can see, Science has somehow managed to simplify the world using pre-existing universal laws. Personally, a branch of Science that truly fascinates me is the science of the human anatomy. Everything about the human body is a fascination in its own right. From the complicated network of veins, capillaries, blood vessels, intestines, nerves all interconnected to produce a fully functioning specimen.

All in all, there is no human body part that holds a vast array of mystery and awesomeness like the human brain. The human brain can be compared to the motor of a vehicle whereby without it, the body cannot fully function. Its utter complexity deters me from delving further into its workings. However, what I am interested in is its psychological aspect a.k.a The Mind

mindThe human mind is divided into the conscious and the sub-conscious part. The conscious side deals with calculations, logic and all actions performed when you are totally conscious while the sub-conscious side deals with emotions, personality, memories, skills, experiences, beliefs and entire bodily functions.

As you can see, a clear and thorough understanding of the human sub-conscious can guarantee top grade manipulation skills that can be used to control unsuspecting individuals. One of such skills is the art of Covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis refers to the ability to manipulate an individual through their sub-conscious mind without them noticing. It involves the skillful use of selected words or body language to communicate with a subject’s unconsciousness to affect his/her behavior.

Covert hypnosis also denies the subject the ability to analyze situations critically thus making them have a false sense of control over their actions.

There are many skills concerned with the art of covert hypnosis and they include:

  1. Body language:- refers to the skill of using the body to trigger a certain behaviour

  2. Power words:- refers to the skill of using PRECISE words to trigger emotions or thought.

  3. Tonal variations:- refers to the skill of using various pitches/volume of speech.

  4. Misdirection:– refers to the skill of using distraction to avert attention from a previous attention-source to another.

  5. Hot reading:– refers to the skill of engaging someone with prior information about them obtained from various sources.

  6. Warm reading:– refers to the skill of engaging someone with vague ideas regarding them that are applicable to almost everyone.

  7. Cold reading:– refers to the skill of engaging someone with no information about them at all but use observations and their responses to gather information about them

  8. Rapport:- refers to the skill of imitation so as to make the subject comfortable when with you.

Over the next few posts, we will tackle each technique in detail to see how they work in various circumstances and how you MAY spot and evade them.


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