Covert hypnosis: ‘Hot reading’ Technique


hot readHot reading refers to the skill of feigning supernatural abilities through acquiring prior information regarding an unsuspecting individual.

Such information may be gathered from a variety of sources like social networks, friends, relatives, internet or personal surveillance of the subject.

This kind of trickery is usually executed by fraudsters claiming to possess the paranormal abilities of legit mediums, magicians, fortune-tellers, mindreaders, spiritualists or psychics inorder to achieve personal gratification in terms of finance or popularity.

The most commonly impersonated ability is the psychic ability. Generally, a psychic refers to someone with the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal sense through extra-sensory perception.

There exists various types of psychic abilities though only a few individuals are granted such magnificent power. Despite the awesomeness of possessing such ‘god-like’ ability, it may also pose a burden/curse to the wielder in certain circumstances.

This burden is however irrelevant to the imposters since they do not have such power.

Take the below scenario to better illustrate the use of hot reading practically.

SCENARIO: ‘Psychic’ who channels the dead


A ‘psychic’ may contact you via email or personally claiming that she/he has a personal message for you from a loved one.

This is a true story sent in by one of our readers. *The true names have been altered to protect their identities*

Hi my name is *Lucy and I really love what you are doing in regards to providing such useful information to your readers.

My story is somehow saddening because it reveals how saddistic people in the society take advantage of people’s misfortunes inorder to benefit themselves.

A year ago, I lost my dad through a road accident. It was a really painful experience considering the close bond we shared as father and daughter.

However I gradually came to terms with the loss and we finally laid him to rest.

A few months ago, I received an email from a certain woman claiming to be a psychic. Here is the exact quotation of the email,

Hi my name is madame *Rachel. A few days ago while I was doing a reading for one of my clients, someone interrupted me. I tried to brush it off but it kept persisting that I was forced to conclude my client’s reading prematurely

Later on that night, a certain man appeared to me in my dream. He said that his name was *Bob and that he wanted me to pass an important message to his daughter *Lucy.

I asked him why didn’t he just do it directly and what did I have to do with all of this. He told me that he tried many times to communicate with *Lucy but it was fruitless.

I asked him why it was so and he told me that he is dead. His response initially startled me as I realized I was conversing with a dead person. However it was not a new experience to me because infact I am a psychic with the ability to channel the dead

He told me that the information that I was to pass on to his daughter was very important to her future and that I should not fail to relay it.

He told me her full names were *Lucy Reynolds from *Alabama. He also told me where she schooled and went to work. The rest it was up to me to dig up and upon inquiry, I managed to get your email address.

Please if this information relates to you please reply so I can relay to you his message. If it does not concern you please ignore this email

Best of luck,
Madame Rachel

I was extremely startled by the contents of the email but I was still not convinced for I knew it was possibly a scam so I sent out the reply below

Hi madame
I don’t know what sort of sick joke this is and I also don’t know where you got this information from but am not convinced of your legitimacy.

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If my dad is really trying to communicate with me then there are certain things that only he should know regarding me. If he indeed is my dead father then he should know what it is [deleted section for privacy reasons]

I did not expect a quick response because the following day I received another email

Hi, I know how hard it may be for you but I guarantee you that this is infact true.

Here are the answers you requested to enable authenticity of my storv. [Deleted section due to privacy]

I hope this is enough to convince you. If you are still doubtful, I welcome any more questions so that I may ask him

Best of luck,
Madame Rachel

Her reply broke me into tears since it was an accurate description of what I had asked her earlier. I was beyond convinced that it was really my dad trying to communicate with me so I sent her another message below,

I am utterly speechless, I cannot believe that the dad I though I had lost forever is reaching out to me from beneath the grave.

You have my full attention please what does my father have to tell me that is so important?

A day later she sent me the below email

I am glad I finally got through to you *Bob has really been persistent that I give you this message. It concerns a small fortune that he managed to save up before he died.

He said that he had saved close to $200,000 in a bank account. However it is in a very secure section in which he personally instructed the bank not to release it to anyone besides him.

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Now that he is gone, he does not want the money to dissolve into the bank’s assets thus he wants you to have it.

And inorder to have it, you must impersonate him and this is the other reason he decided to contact me since only I can make it possible to do that.

Being skilled in the occult arts I can conjure up a spell that will mask your real identity and fool the bank into thinking that it is your father hence you shall have access to the money.

However it does require alot of time but due to *Bob’s persistence, I will try to hurry it up. So what I need from you are your father’s personal item and also one of yours.

If you agree to this request, please send them to this address ASAP.

Without much of a thought, I did as she told me and I sent out the items to the address then afterwards followed it up with an email below

It is indeed true of my father’s character he was very persistent even when he was alive. I have sent out the items to the address please do what you have to do.

The money couldn’t have come at such a better time considering am having trouble with my college fees. My father is truly looking out for me like he promised. Please tell him that I love him and I really miss him with all my heart.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Two days later, I received another email from her stating,

I am glad to inform you that I received the items and I have set out to work on them immediately.

I will inform you upon completion. Cheers 🙂

Madame *Rachel

For the next few days I waited eagerly until upon the 3rd day, she sent me another email

hi I am almost through with the spell however I ran into a slight problem. A rare portion I normally use for such delicate procedures accidentally spilt and now I have to start all over again.

To do that, I need a variety of ingredients most of them being slightly expensive and having spent most of my money to acquire most of the Ingredients, I seem to have run out.

So am kindly requesting if you may have some $100 to spare it would really help to speed things up with the Ingredients.

Here is my paypal account link to send the amount.

Blindly, I once again conceeded to her requests and sent out the money.

The following day she sent an email

Good day I received the money and managed to acquire the rest of the Ingredients and am now glad to tell you that I am almost finished with the spell.

It was followed by another email the next day

I am through with the spell and I am ready to send them back to you with clear instructions which you must follow inorder for it to work.

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First of all, I cast a spell on the scarf using your dad’s hat and it was successful. It however is a temporary spell meaning that you must act quickly before it wears off.

The scarf should also not come Into contact with any other item besides yourself and due to the that I have decided to send the items separately.

This however will come at a cost. I will send both the items via special parcel SEPARATELY. This will cost close to $50 for each but I will gladly pay for one myself.

So all you have to do is send the remaining $50 so I can send them both at once.

Once again I sent the money she had requested. The very next day she sent her very last email to me

I received the amount and I have successfully sent them. You will receive them in several hours time from now.

Your father seemed like a very good man looking after her daughter even in death. I wish you all the best.

I eagerly awaited for the parcels to arrive and when they did, they looked totally different from what madame Rachel had portrayed them to be.

Honestly I was expecting to find carefully wrapped cases marked with ‘handle with care’ markings but instead all I found was a brown paperbag carelessly wrapped in old sisal rope.

Immediately I sensed that something was not right. I tore open the brown bag and inside it was my scarf together with my dad’s hat. Nothing looked out of the ordinary except for a few stains they had acquired.

So later that day, I decided to try out my luck with the bank. I carried the scarf inside my purse only wearing it when I reached the bank.

I headed straight to the manager’s office and requested for a special account with the name *Bob Reynolds and to my shock, the manager informed me that there exists no special accounts just ordinary ones and furthermore there’s no one holding an account with that name.

What happened next I do not know but all I remeber is that I woke up in a hospital. I still do not believe to this day how someone could toy around with someone’s emotions like that.

Wherever she may be I hope she burns in hell over and over for eternity.

As I write this I am deeply depressed and I wouldn’t like any other person to go through the emotional stress that I went through.

Please keep on the good work you are doing and I hope God blesses you abundantly.


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