What Are Digital Loan Coupons And How Do They Work?

loan coupons

Digital loans have now become a household name when it comes to emergency loans.

Be it through downloadable apps or USSD services, more and more digital lenders are popping up each and every day so as to meet the ever-increasing demand for short term credit.

Therefore, in a bid to draw in borrowers to use a particular app, lenders are gradually coming up with various incentives to aid in the fore-mentioned result.

Apart from the previously highlighted incentive such as prize reward programs, one other incentive is the use of loan coupons.

Mobile loan coupons can be termed as limited period offer amounts with which users can claim in-order to effect a one-time limit increase or discounts.

While certainly not all digital lenders incorporate the loan coupon system, but for the few that do, the coupons are usually selectively awarded based on a borrower’s repayment behavior.

Below, we will look at the types of loan coupons incorporated by some of the digital lenders available in Kenya.

Limit increase coupons

As the name suggests, these coupons offer limit increases albeit temporarily. This means that the coupon is only valid once at the point of use and afterwards, the limit will revert back to original amount.

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For example, if a borrower has an initial loan limit of Ksh1,000 and uses a limit increase of Ksh500, the approved loan amount will now be Ksh1,500 charged at its respective interest rate.

After repayment, the loan limit will be Ksh1,000 unless the user claims another limit increase coupon.

limit increase coupons

Such limit increase coupons are usually popular with Okash, Opesa and CreditHela loan apps.

Discount coupons

These refer to coupons that offer deductions of a particular amount either during loan approvals or repayment.

For example in instances of repayment discounts, when you initially apply for a Ksh1,000 loan and claim a Ksh100 discount coupon, the discount will be deducted from your initial repayment amount.

discount coupon

Such discount coupons are popular with Okash, Opesa and Mokash loan apps.


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