Tala Rewards Borrowers Who Submit The Best Valentines PickUp Lines.

tala valentines promo

Tala Kenya is the only digital lender that is constantly raising the bar when it comes to customer engagement.

In previous articles, we have highlighted the various efforts that Tala Kenya has undertaken in-order to set itself apart not only as a digital lender but also as a supporter in their client’s growth and well-being.

Recently via its Facebook page, Tala Kenya launched a wordsmith promo dubbed #TalaMistariKikwetu whereby participants who were split into guys and ladies were required to submit unique valentine pickup lines not exceeding 14 words that revolved around one’s culture.

Once the submission phase elapsed, Tala judges shortlisted the 10 best pickup lines and left them out to public vote to choose the 5 most creative ones that would eventually win the cash rewards.

As usual, Kenyans never disappointed!

Below, are the overall winners who walked away with Ksh2,500 each.

tala valentines promo winners


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