Tala Rebrands Yet Again!


Tala new logo

Tala’s dynamic brand has yet again proved to be worth something for the books going by the recent milestones the lender has been achieving.

From its humble beginnings as Mkopo Rahisi symbolized by a green logo with a noticeable ladder making up the letter ‘H’, the lender has since evolved to what we now know as Tala.

In between such metamorphosis, the lender has set up various initiatives centered around it’s consumers that has largely set it apart from the other lenders.

A few noticeable examples of such was during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic whereby the lender introduced a 4-plan strategy in support of borrowers during the pandemic, COVID-19 health insurance cover plan as well as interest free loans under the COVID-19 rebuild fund.

In addition, the lender also managed to raise $145 million series E funding to be invested in the acceleration of new growth, savings and money management tools as well as development of mass market crypto products.

If you think that is all, Tala has also introduced the Tala Bizna grant which is a non-refundable cash and skills boost aimed at supporting ambitious small business owners.

Recently, the lender revealed it’s visual evolution in celebration of it’s values that have made it one of the most trusted brands in Kenya.

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The reveal features;

  • New text-only logo (the Tala wordmark), featuring two distinct letter A’s, representing its values of diversity and inclusion.
  • Bold range of geometric shapes, representing the arches, doorways, and windows we see, talk, and walk through together, everyday.
  • Range of secondary colours that give a new rich vibrant palette to further highlight stories of diversity across customer messaging and product offering.


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