Should I Grant App Permission Access To Loan Apps?

loan app permission deny

Generally, mobile phones are an extension of our lives that we prefer to keep private. Much like personal diaries, mobile phones hold many of our ‘secrets’ so much that we result in keeping these devices under the strict lock of pins and passwords.

However, there are situations whereby we voluntarily surrender the privacy of our devices in order to use a particular service. One such scenario is when installing third party apps sourced from the playstore, app store or any other app marketplace.

Majority of the said apps require permission access to various functions of our phones. While such permissions for each individual app are readily accessible on the various app stores, they do not give in detail why the apps require to be granted access to some of our phone data.

Playstore app permissionsOver the next few articles, we will focus on the various permission requests required by loan apps and how they ultimately impact your level of privacy.

Such permission requests include access to your:

  • Contact list
  • SMS messages
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Storage
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Installed applications

While it is at times mandatory to allow permission access especially during the installation process, it is also possible to deny them later in case you may want to regain your privacy and stop any additional data collection.

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For android, this can be done via the settings menu whereby you can individually activate/deactivate your preferred options.

IMG 20211201 144424 002However, disabling any of the app permission may not guarantee normal functioning of the app in future.


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