[SELLER BEWARE!!!] Are you selling your iPhone? Watch out for these conmen on the loose



These are REAL incidents that have happened to people. We choose to place you as the main character so as to show you how easy it is to fall prey to such circumstances. Remember ROLES CHANGE, SKILLS EVOLVE but SCRIPT remains the SAME. So IGNORANCE of the probability of such occurrences ever happening to you is entirely at your own DISCRETION!!!


After painstackingly searching for a potential buyer that would match the asking price for your 6 month old I phone, you finally hit your eureka moment.

Your various ad posts on the popular facebook groups popularly known as ‘soko’ (market) which have spawned dozens of variations like ‘soko nyeusi’ soko nyeupe,  soko nyeusi reloaded, soko kuu etc all competing to achieve the largest number of members on the online platform.

Out of the thousands of members, your ad has seemed to capture the attention of only 1 serious buyer who unlike the other interested parties, is willing to match your offer without any negotiations whatsoever.

You both agree on a rendezvous point at a scheduled time to close the deal.

Upon arrival at the agreed venue ( most likely a crowded area for safety reasons)  s/he requests to see the idevice which you obligingly hand over.

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After careful scrutiny, s/he hands it back to you and asks you to DISABLE YOUR PASSWORD so that s/he can establish whether it is indeed your device and that Its not ICLOUD LOCKED.

Once again, you oblige to his/her requests then hand it back to him again all SECURITY FEATURES FULLY DISABLED.

S/he tries to create small talk with you as he taps away at the screen.

A few minutes into your conversation, s/he receives a phone call but somehow claims that he has trouble hearing the caller on the other end thus has to exit the area to search for a clearer ‘network’


Having read about various theft cases involving criminals vanishing with their victim’s phones in a similar manner of feigning calls, you extinguish the possibility of you joining such a statistic by intercepting him/her as s/he rises from the chair.

You signal him/her to hand over your phone and surprisingly,he does without any resistance as he hurries towards the exit.

At the exit, he promises to call you later and finalize the deal since the caller on the other end needed his immediate presence and furthermore,he had to also withdraw cash from the nearby atm and he would be back in a short while so you have to wait for him.

You breathe a sigh of relief having dodged a possible theft incidence.

A couple of minutes pass by as the scene replays in your mind and with it, elevates your alter ego of being too smart to fall for ‘petty’ con techniques like the one you just experienced.

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A half an hour passes and yet no sign of your potential buyer.

TS4515_04-icloud-passcode-001-en.pngYou glance at the IPhone to check the time and you are met by a puzzling sight.
It displays a LOCK SCREEN requiring a 4-digit PASSCODE. You confidently key in the digits………… nothing!

You try it one more time…………….  still nothing!

After several futile attempts, it quickly dawns on you that you have been set up.

You reach for your back-up phone, re-dial the buyer’s number from the call log and hold it to your ear.

Your hopes are raised when you hear the dialing tone ( most scenarios usually end up with the dreaded ‘mteja wa nambari hapatikani kwa sasa ‘ voice message.

After the 5th dial tone, the call is picked. You explain your predicament to him and to your shock he replies, “Ukitaka nikufungulie hio simu, tuma 20,000/= kwa hii number ama uitupe.

Using the iCloud lock feature


Every iPhone user clearly understands the power of the ‘iCloud lock feature.
Once it is enabled, you can ONLY disable it using the correct passcode.
Iphones cannot be FLASHED or manipulated to bypass this feature


All possible red flags are CAPITALIZED in this article. Avoid making them during a negotiation deal.

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