Possible indicators of a Job Scam!!!



Possible Indicators of a Job Scam:

  • Listings that ask for your private information such as SSN, driver’s license number, bank accounts, credit card information, etc.

  • “Small Businesses” that direct you to a home address for an interview

  • Foreign companies that do not have a local office

  • Listings for jobs such as stuffing envelopes, email rebates or refunds, data entry, and jewelry-making at home that require payment to start, and require unpaid and tedious work up front

  • Listings requiring you to buy products and submit receipts before you get paid; this specifically addresses mystery shopping listings

  • Listings that request you to go to a pay-to-attend seminar

  • Employers that request you open a new bank account or credit card

  • Online applications that do not have the company headline in the URL, or are not password protected

  • The same business’ phone numbers and fax numbers with mismatched area codes

  • If an employer asks for money, why can’t he deduct from the first salary?

  • Email addresses that do not include the company name

  • If they contact you only through email

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