Pocket Cash Loan App [2023]- How To Apply, Repay, Interest rate, Contacts.


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Pocket Cash Loan App [2022]- How To Apply, Repay, Interest rate, Contacts.

Pocket Cash loan app is provided by PocketCash03.The Pocketcash loan app can be downloaded from the Playstore, is accessible to all Kenyans and has over 50K+ downloads as well as a 3.8/5 star rating with 230+ reviews.

Pocket Cash Loan App Download And Registration

Download, install and launch the Pocket Cash app from the Playstore.

Grant app access to the necessary permission requests such as SMS for credit risk assessment, location for fraud prevention & provision of customized loan offers, contacts for referee detection, storage for file uploads and camera for capture of ID card.

Select the checkbox to proceed and agree to the app’s privacy policy.

Click on ‘Apply’

Click on ‘Register’

Enter M-PESA mobile number and click on ‘Get Captcha’ so as to receive SMS verification code to be filled in the empty captcha field.

Generate and confirm personalized password that will be used for all future logins to the Skypesa app then tap on ‘Register’

Click on ‘Apply loan’ once again and fill in your names, ID number, gender, data of birth, marital status, education level, job, income, address, personal contact details as well as those of two referees including their names, phone number and relation to you.

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How To Apply For Pocket Cash Loan

On the loan application page, your eligible loan limit will be displayed a well as the duration, amount to be received and amount to be repaid.

Additional details include: M-PESA account number, amount of interest fee and penalty fee accrued per day upon default.

Tap ‘Submit’ to complete the loan application process. The application will be under review for 24 hours after which you will receive notification via SMS on whether the application is approved or declined.

Pocket Cash loan review

Pocket Cash Loan Amount, Interest Rate And Repayment Duration.

Pocket Cash loan amounts start from a minimum amount of Ksh2000 with an interest rate of 30% for a period of 8 days.

Computation Of Amount Applied, Interest Rate And Amount To Be Received.

Amount applied (Ksh) Interest (Ksh) Amount to be received (Ksh)
2,000 600 1,400
5,000 1,500 3,500
7,000 2,100 4,900
10,000 3,000 7,000
15,000 4,500 10,500

How To Repay Pocket Cash Loan

Pocket Cash loans can be repaid using the paybill number 4084161 and account number as the phone number.

How To Contact Pocket Cash Customer Support

Phone: 0115662800


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