OKash Loan App Launches COVID-19 Care Project


Despite the negative publicity that OKash has attracted in the past, the lender has finally decided to do some brand damage control via its newly launched ‘OKash Care Project’

The lender’s project is among several others launched by various mobile lenders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OKash Care Project provides 3 benefits to users of the OKash loan app.

This benefits include:

1. Repayment waiver: Clear the 1st installment loan on time and enjoy the 2nd loan installment for free.

2. Repayment bonus: Repay loan on time and receive up-to 80% bonus of repayment.

3. Coupon Package: The earlier a loan is cleared, the more coupons of higher value one will be able to get.

OKash Covid-19 Care Package
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