KCB Bank Launches A 24-Hour Chatbot Service

kaycee chatbot

In a bid to improve on customer experience, KCB bank recently launched a chatbot service.

By definition, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.

The KCB chatbot nicknamed ‘Kaycee’ is set to provide answers to all queries regarding KCB’s internet banking service which enables users to pay utilities, transfer money to other accounts and access statements at the comfort of internet enabled devices.

Applicants who may wish to join the internet banking platform must possess a KCB Bank account as well as register for KCB Internet banking.

Besides the internet banking benefits of convenience, control over finances, 24/7 banking and access to statements, others include zero monthly access fees as well as no fees required to access KCB Internet banking services apart from data charges.

Some of the rates and fees charged include:

Transaction typeFees charged
Stop Cheque PaymentsKsh450
Balance EnquiryKsh10
Transfer Own AccountKsh50
Statement Access Including Mini StatementKsh100
Transfer (Third Party) Accounts in KCBKsh50
Cheque Book OrderKsh750 (subject to changes in SSRC)
Bill/Tax PaymentsKsh30
Standing Order SetupKsh250
Bulk Processing (Internal Accounts)Ksh100
Bulk Processing (EFT)Ksh150
Bulk Processing (RTGS)Ksh500
Swift transferKsh2000
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To register for internet banking, applicants are required to fill in either of the below forms.


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