ImaliPay: The Loan App Targeted Towards Kenyan Online Drivers [2023]

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ImaliPayImaliPay offers a range of both short and long term financial services that boost the financial security of online drivers by developing a safety net around their work by driving their productivity thus resulting in increased revenue.

ImaliPay offers financing to online drivers for products such as smartphones, spare parts, fuel and insurance.

How To Register For ImaliPay

Click on the link to begin the process.

  • Enter your full names as they appear on your national ID.
  • Select your ID type i.e national ID, passport or Alien ID
  • Enter the document number as per your selection above.
  • Enter an alternative phone number (if applicable)
  • Enter the service provider you work for e.g Bolt, Glovo, Uber etc
  • Select whether you have a bike or car
  • Submit a screenshot of your profile page
  • Submit a picture of your driver’s license or national ID
  • Submit a selfie
  • Read the terms and conditions and accept by replying ‘YES’

Once the above details have been verified, you will be approved.

How ImaliPay Fuel Financing (Okoa Fuel) Works

Drivers have easy access to fuel at selected partner fuel stations in the event that they do not have sufficient cash to fuel their cars or bikes for work.

However, the fuel amount is dependent on the driver’s product level whereby ksh500 fuel is accessible to all approved users and increases as per the driver levels i.e in order to get

  • For Ksh1,000 fuel, the customer needs to do 3 txns of Ksh500. Repayment amount is Ksh1,100 within 2 days.
  • For Ksh1,500 fuel, the customer needs to do 5 txns of Ksh1,000. Repayment amount is Ksh1,650 within 3 days.
  • For Ksh2,000 fuel, the customer needs to do 5 txns of Ksh1,500. Repayment amount is Ksh2,200 within 4 days.
  • For Ksh2,500 fuel, the customer needs to do 7 txns of Ksh2,000. Repayment amount is Ksh2,750 within 5 days.
  • For Ksh3,000 fuel, the customer needs to do 10 txns of Ksh2,500. Repayment amount is Ksh3,300 within 6 days
  • For Ksh4,000 fuel, customer needs to have repaid all loans on time to access the full tank. Repayment amount is Ksh4,400 within 7 days.
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The select fuel stations that you can fuel on credit include;

  • Shell stations at Komarock Kangundo road and Survey Thika road.
  • Ola energy stations at Ngong road, Waiyaki way and Bunyala road.

How ImaliPay Smartphone financing (Okoa Smartphone) Works

ImaliPay offers affordable smartphone financing at cheaper interest rates compared to other phone financing options.

Currently, the available phone types are Samsung AO2s and A12 that require payment of deposit with the balance to be repaid daily or weekly for 120 days.

How ImaliPay Spare parts financing (Lipa Mdogo Mdogo) Works

ImaliPay offers spare part financing whereby bike riders can take spare parts on credit and pay in installments.

How ImaliPay Insurance Works

ImaliPay Insurance product regards itself as one of the cheapest in the market where the driver only has to pay Ksh2,000 or Ksh4,000 to access health services up to Ksh100,000 at select hospitals.

All the above products/services are easily accessible, affordable and convenient through ImaliPay’s Whatsapp channel.

How To Contact ImaliPay Customer Service Support

Wood Avenue Plaza,

10th Floor, Workify Kilimani,

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254715292929

Twitter: @imali_pay

Facebook: @ImaliPay


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