How To Get Routing Numbers For Linking Kenyan Banks To PayPal [2023]


Link paypal to kenyan bank

A routing number is a global identification number useful in the location of banks. While it is mostly used by international banks such as U.S based banks, in Kenya, SWIFT/BIC are usually used in place of routing numbers.

A SWIFT/BIC code is also used in the identification of banks and financial institutions globally. It is generally composed of a series of;

  • 4 letters for bank code
  • 2 letters for country code
  • 2 characters for location code
  • 3 digits for branch code

While both routing numbers and SWIFT are beneficial in global funds transfer, not all providers offer the provision of the latter (SWIFT)

An example of one such provider is PayPal. Paypal only offers the provision of linking it to only U.S based banks with routing numbers.

However, this does not imply that one cannot link a Kenyan bank account to PayPal. If you need to do so, you can follow this simple method to set it up in no time.


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