How To Check Mokash Loan Balance

how to check mokash loan balance

Mokash loan is a product of Mocash that provides loans from Ksh1,000 to Ksh10,000.

Mokash loans are accessible via their Mokash loan app available at the Google play store.

Approved loans from Mokash undergo prior interest deductions before the remainder is disbursed to Mpesa.

In addition, Mokash loan app is among the select lenders that do not check CRB status of an individual when approving loans.

If you have an active loan with Mokash, here’s how to check the Mokash loan balance.

1. Sign into the Mokash loan app

2. On the very first screen, your loan amount as well as due date is displayed.

Furthermore, you will have 2 repayment options to choose from.

mokash loan repayment options1

Pay interest only: This option allows you to extend your due date albeit at a small fee.

Pay full loan: this option allows you to clear the entire active loan.

If you clear this loan before/on due date, you will get a cash back bonus that can be redeemed into cash upon reaching the amounts of Ksh400 or Ksh1,000


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