How To Change KRA Email Address Without Password In 2023


How To Change KRA Email Address Without Password

During the application of a KRA PIN, one of the most crucial details that is supposed to be correctly submitted is the email address.

This email address is usually helpful in the retrieval of forgotten KRA passwords since it is used as a channel to reset said passwords.

However, there are instances whereby one may need to change the KRA email address due to one reason or another.

There are 2 options available to change KRA email address i.e with or without password.

How To Change KRA Email address With Password

This method basically means that one has access to his/her itax account using the login details. To effect the change via this option,

  • Login to your itax portal
  • Click on ‘Registration’
  • Select ‘Amend PIN details’
  • Select ‘Online form’ as mode of amendment
  • Click on ‘Amendment form’ tab
  • Select ‘PIN’
  • Select ‘Basic information’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Scroll to the ‘Principal contact details’ section
  • Edit the main email address to your preferred choice.
  • Click ‘Submit’

How To Change KRA Email Address Without Password

This method implies that one is locked out of his/her itax account. Therefore, to make the changes via this option, simply,

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Send scanned colored copy of both sides of your original ID, KRA PIN and desired email address to


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