How To Change KPLC Account Name Online With 4 Easy Steps [2023]


How To Change KPLC Account Name Online

When it comes to the energy sector, no other company has a monopoly over the distribution of power supply than Kenya Power and Lighting Company aka KPLC.

Due to this dominance, the company has severally been in the spotlight owing to its overpriced quotations, token delays as well as rampant blackouts experienced within the country.

As a consequence of KPLC’s unreliability, a section of its consumers have opted for solar energy further denying the company sizable revenue.

In some circumstances, transfer of an account may occur hence requiring switching of ownership details.

Below, we look at how to change KPLC account name online.

How To Change Kplc Account Name Online

  • Go to the KPLC self service portal
  • Click on ‘change account holder application’
  • Perform a search using either account reference or meter number.
  • Confirm that the supply address details are accurate then click on the ‘continue’ tab.

To complete the application on how to change KPLC account name, you are required to fill in 4 major sections with accurate data beginning with;

a) Customer data

Enter the required personal information by tapping the ‘edit customer data’ button.

Depending on the entity looking to change KPLC account name i.e whether an individual or a business, one can fill either by toggling the switch indicated ‘legal person’

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For individuals, the details to be submitted include;

  • Names – first, middle and surname
  • Identification type i.e national ID/passport/KRA pin
  • Country – Kenya
  • Document number – depending on the identification type chosen above, fill in this part using its relevant document number.
  • Date of birth – this should be in the format mm/dd/yy
  • Gender – male/female
  • Telephone number – should be in the standard format beginning with +254 and have no spaces between any of the digits.
  • Email address
  • Preferred login details – email address or phone number

For businesses, you are required to provide the business name and registration certificate number while the rest of the other details remain the same.

Once all the above fields are accurately filled, click on ‘accept’

There is an option to use the data submitted above as your address details or submit NEW address details by selecting the checkbox and clicking ‘edit customer address’

On this page, the details required to be entered include; county, constituency, location, street name & number, unit address and any additional comments that may be useful in the identification of your location.

Upon completion, click on ‘save’ followed by the ‘continue’ tab.

b) Correspondence

You can opt to choose to use your personal address as the correspondence address of the holder or submit NEW data by clicking on the checkbox sign and filling in the correspondence data and address as done in Section A.

Once completed, save it and click ‘continue’

c) Payment

Once again, there is a choice to use your customer details as payment details or submit NEW data by clicking on the checkbox sign and filling in the customer data’ and address as in Section A

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Once completed, save and click ‘continue’

d) Documentation

In this section, attach the necessary documents such as national ID, lease document and ownership document.

Once done, click ‘continue’

Proceed to verify that all the submitted data is correct in terms of the account number, names, email and supply address.

Read and understand the terms and conditions and once in agreement, select the checkbox and click ‘send’ to finalize the application.


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