How To Buy KPLC Tokens Cheaply [2023]

How To Buy KPLC Tokens Cheaply [2021]

Keeping costs at a minimum are what majority of us live by unless one is a high net worth individual in which case, money is never a problem including spending it.

For the rest of us, there is usually a rigorous thought process involving budgets and bargain-hunting before making a purchase whenever there are availability of options.

However, there are instances whereby monopoly reigns supreme and the flexibility of choice is non-existent thus forcing consumers to make do with whatever it is that is offered.

A perfect example of such a scenario here in Kenya is electricity distribution which is currently dominated by Kenya power and lighting company also referred to by the acronym Kplc.

Since time immemorial, there has been a love-hate relationship directed towards Kplc by it’s consumers due to poor service delivery coupled with exorbitant tariff charges.

A recurrent subject matter that almost always earns Kplc the wrath of Kenyans is the issue of token delay attributed to downtime due to system maintenance.

Another bone of contention revolves around the issuance of varying token units when purchasing tokens of similar value amounts. i.e Ksh100 can buy 6 units while another individual buying tokens of a similar amount, gets lesser units.

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A common explanation offered by Kplc in regards to such differences in token unit allocation is as a result of a shift in a consumer’s tariff.

This means that consumption over a certain duration should not surpass a given tariff otherwise, it will shift to the next tariff implying different charges.

Therefore, if you require to buy tokens cheaply, you need to ensure that your average consumption over a 3-month period is below 100kWh.

By doing this, you will spend less but get higher units.


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