How To Change Helb Bank Account Number In 2023


Helb loan

In Kenya, students with financial constraints in the pursuit of higher education usually have the option to apply for student loans via the Higher Education Loans Board commonly referred to as HELB.

In order to receive a Helb loan, one needs to make an application and for one to do that, one requires a Helb account so as to fill in the necessary required details including bank account details in which to receive the disbursed funds upon approval.

However, there may be a need to make amendments and below is the procedure on how to change a Helb Bank account.

Download the student’s personal bank details change request form.

Fill in the required details such as:

  • Last, first and middle name
  • National ID card number
  • Admission number
  • University
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Old bank account number, branch and bank
  • Reason for change of account i.e dormant, frozen, not activated, parents’/guardians’ etc
  • New bank account number, branch and bank
  • Student’s signature

Aside from the above, one is also required to provide attachments such as;

  • Copy of national ID
  • Copy of ATM or bank card


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