“What New Ideas Will You Bring To The Company?”- Job Interview Answer


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Everything on earth seems to be on a competition of some sort hence the phrase, “survival of the fittest”. Different species of life ranging from plants, to animals and humans, everyone is trying their best to out-do each other.

In the plant world, there are some plant-life that are known to employ some unorthodox tactics to compete for sunlight as well as soil nutrients, same goes for wildlife whereby prey are usually at the mercy of the predators.

Diving right to civilization, humans are also no strangers to the survival mentality. Right from childhood, we are ‘programmed’ that failure to conform to certain societal standards, we end up putting our future lives at risk.

Such conformities may range from cultural, religion, educational, behavioral etc. While it may be true that following a particular path may lead to success, it may also prove costly not to adapt to the changing times.

For example, some of us grew up knowing that getting a proper education will land us a comfortable lives in future yet in reality, there are many scholars and professors facing unemployment while a school dropout somehow manages to accumulate enough wealth to last almost 3 of their future generations.

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These are sometimes the ironies of life, same goes for businesses. Companies which were once considered highly profitable at one time have ended up facing mergers or worse off liquidation in the ever dynamic market.

It is for the sake of remaining relevant even for decades to come that most companies prefer recruiting the best talents and visionaries to help propel them to greater heights and edge out the competition.

It is therefore not strange to encounter the “What New Ideas Will You Bring to the company?”question in an interview.

It might seem like an intimidating question at first considering that probably you might lack any ideas to speak of at the time but you could still respond in a smart way to hide this fact.

To help you in answering this question effectively, you as a candidate should have done due research diligence regarding 3 important factors which include:

  • Understanding of the job description.

  • Research about the company to understand who they are.

  • Research about the industry the company is involved in.


Upon being hired, I will first need some time to adapt to the workplace through interaction with colleagues so as to better understand the work culture and the company’s goals.

In that way, I can generate new ideas towards the same goal.


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