How Long It Takes For RTGS Transfer To Reflect In Kenya [2023]


RTGS commonly referred to as Real-Time Gross Settlement, is a system whereby transactions are processed continuously.

This system is adopted only by licensed commercial banks in Kenya and it involves customers issuing instructions to their banks to make payments to recipient banks.

However, this transfer can only be initiated if the customer has sufficient funds in his/her account and beneficiary details tally with the bank records.

In the suspicion of fraudulent activity leading to the funds not being able to be credited, the receiving bank is required to reverse the funds to the remitting bank within 2 hours.

Due to the above, RTGS is highly preferred to other payment options due to its reduced high value cheque frauds as well as it’s faster receipt of funds by the beneficiary which is made possible through the submission of the standard detail requirements such as;

  • Beneficiary name, bank, branch and account number
  • Value date of payment
  • Amount
  • Sender/ Receiver information

RTGS payments can be made daily during bank business hours from Monday to Friday between 8.45am – 3.30pm. However, these times may vary with each commercial bank.


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