80 Top Online Payslip/Salary Advance Loans In Nairobi Kenya

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How Salary Advance Works

A salary advance refers to a short tenure loan targeted towards formally employed individuals earning consistent salaries.

This advance is geared towards emergency purposes and its repayment duration is usually until the receipt of the next paycheck.

Also, the advanced amounts may vary depending on net salary amount whereby accessibility can either be up-to a particular percentage or multiple of the net salary.

Features Of Salary Advance

i. Short term: most salary advance loans typically have a 30-day repayment period. However, there are lenders who offer up-to 12 months depending on a borrower’s qualification.

ii. For salaried individuals: salary advances can only be given to those in formal employment and on a payroll evidenced through a payslip.

iii. Quick processing: the duration taken between application, approval and disbursement may be finalized within a day depending on the lender’s business hours or working days.

iv. Easy application: due to technological advancements, salary advance applications can be done digitally through mobile apps, ussd codes or online.

v. Unsecured: majority of salary advance providers do not require any form of security/collateral prior to loan approvals

vi. Advance dependent on net salary: net salary refers to the total amount received upon all the necessary statutory deductions. As such, the net salary determines a borrower’s repayment ability therefore translating to higher salary advance limits for those with higher net salaries and vice versa.

vii. Low default rate: loan default refers to the inability to make repayments on the agreed due dates as a result of financial constraints. As such, most salary advances require a check-off system whereby the amount is automatically deducted upon receipt of one’s paycheck.

viii. Easy repayment: for salary advances without the check-off option, repayment can easily be done via mobile money transfer e.g. M-Pesa through a dedicated paybill number provided by the salary advance provider.

ix. Availability of refinance option: this refers to the ability to apply for another loan upon repayment of 1 or more of the available installments. For example, for a 3-month salary advance loan, a borrower can repay one installment and then apply for another loan within the previous loan limit.

How To Qualify For Salary Advance

Besides being in formal employment, there are additional requirements set by different salary advance providers before one can access their services. Some of these prerequisites include:

i. Provide a valid national ID/passport for identity verification purposes

ii. Provide a KRA PIN

iii. Provide a bank statement for a specific period: this document provides visibility of one’s bank account transaction history to determine creditworthiness.

iv. Provide an M-Pesa statement for a certain period: similar to the bank statement, the M-Pesa statement displays mobile money transaction history revealing one’s financial capabilities.

v. Provide payslip: this acts as proof of salaried employment as well as reveals one’s earning capabilities in terms of the net salary amount which ultimately determines the loan limit.

vi. Provide employment letter: refers to a formal document from an employer recognizing an employee as a valid representative to the business/company. In addition, the letter also acts as a verification tool to one being in employment.

vii. Channel salary through lender: most salary advance providers require remittance of salaries through their platforms so as to determine an individual’s earning potential as well as reduce instances of loan defaults curbed through check-off systems.

viii. Hold an account for a specific duration: majority of salary advance providers require possession of an account with them for a period of at least 3-6 months.

ix. Be in permanent & pensionable employment terms: commonly referred to as PnP, the term is used for employees who are not on contract basis with the employer. This implies that the employee represents the business/company for the long run and is also enrolled to the company’s pension scheme thereby minimizing risk of loan defaults.

x. Minimum net salary attainments: some salary advance providers do not provide loan advances to borrowers who have not attained their set net salary limits.

xi. Signed MOU: this refers to a contractual agreement between an employer and lender to provide salary advance services to their employees. As such, this partnership simplifies loan application, verification as well as repayment processes.

xii. Must have been in employment with current employer for a certain duration

xiii. Must have exhausted all leave days with the employer

xiv. Availability of post dated cheques

xv. Availability of security e.g logbook, title deeds etc

How To Apply For Salary Advance

One of the features for salary advance loans is the ability to make an application with ease thanks to the introduction of digital systems. Currently, there are 4 options with which one can apply for salary advance in Kenya. They include:

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a) Ussd codes: refers to codes aimed at simplifying accessibility to various services through mobile phones. In Kenya, businesses that have adopted digital platforms use ussd codes provided by major network providers such as Safaricom and Airtel to offer services to their consumers.

However, access to said services requires subscription to the host network provider. This is no different to salary advance providers who use the popularity of the M-Pesa platform for funds transfer.

b) Mobile apps: in line with the smartphone era, there are various  apps available in the Play store (Android users) and App Store (iPhone users) with which one can apply for salary advance from specific lenders.

c) Online: this is done through websites which offer online registration and application options without the need of physical documentation.

d) Application forms: forms can be obtained through downloading from the lender’s website or physical location. Once duly filled, the form is returned via email or dropped at any of the designated locations accompanied by the relevant verification documents.

How To Pay Salary Advance

The main aim of getting a salary advance is to ultimately repay it once it has served its purpose. There are various ways to make repayments on salary advances and they include;

a) M-Pesa: this option requires a paybill and account number. To repay salary advance via M-Pesa, one simply needs to access the Lipa Na M-Pesa menu via the sim toolkit or 3rd party apps offering the option.

b) Check-off system: this option involves automatic deduction of loan amount upon receipt of funds into the account upon due date.This method usually requires agreement between employer, lender and employee.

c) Direct deposits: involves depositing funds directly to the lender’s account in relation to the loan repayment.

d) Standing orders: involves agreement between borrower and bank to automatically divert a specific amount of funds towards loan repayment upon receipt of funds into the account at a certain date.

e) Post dated cheques

f) Cash at any of the branches.

Where To Get Salary Advance

Commercial banks

Refers to a large financial entity that provides the functions of deposits and withdrawals in addition to other services such as credit, savings, investments etc.

Currently, there are 42 licensed commercial banks in Kenya offering diversified portfolios to their clients including salary advance services. Below are salary advance options offered by some of the popular Kenyan commercial banks.

KCB Salary Advance

kcb salary advance

KCB salary advance is targeted towards KCB account holders in active employment whose salaries are channeled through their KCB accounts.

Some of the features of the KCB salary advance include quick turnaround time, loan limits of up-to 1.5 times net salary repayable for up-to 6 months.

The KCB salary advance loan limits are periodically reviewed whereby they may increase/decrease depending on one’s credit rating. If the credit rating decreases, the loan limit also decreases and vice versa.

Therefore, in order to increase credit rating, timely repayment and frequent saving into the KCB account is essential. In addition, the KCB salary advance interest rate is 13% per annum.

KCB Salary Advance Requirements

Possess a KCB account and actively use the account for a period of 6 months

How To Qualify For KCB Salary Advance

a) Possess a national ID
b) Copy of latest payslip
c) Channel salary through KCB account for at least 3 months
d) No CRB default rate

How To Apply KCB Salary Advance

Dial KCB salary advance Ussd *225#
Enter your KCB mobile PIN
Select option 5: loans
Select option 2: salary advance request

KCB Salary Advance Processing Duration
How To Repay KCB Salary Advance

KCB salary advance loan repayments can only be done via the KCB account and therefore requires availability of sufficient funds in the account.

In the event of insufficient funds, one can easily send money from M-Pesa to KCB using the below procedure

Go to the Lipa Na M-Pesa menu
Enter the paybill number 522522
Enter your account number
Enter the deposit amount
Input your M-Pesa PIN

Upon successful transaction, initiate the repayment process under the KCB menu below

Dial *225#
Enter your KCB mobile banking PIN
Select option 5: Loans
Select option 3: salary advance repay

How To Check KCB Salary Advance Balance

Dial *225#
Enter your KCB mobile PIN
Select option 5: loans
Select option 4: loan balance check

Equity Salary Advance

equity sa

Equity bank salary advance loan is tailored for salaried employees whose salaries are remitted through equity bank accounts.

The equity salary advance interest rate is 11-13% with loan limits of up-to 300K with a maximum repayment period of year. The advance is also insured against disability and loss of life.

How To Qualify For Equity Salary Advance

a) Actively channel salary through equity account for at least 3 months
b) Possess employment letter
c) Have a valid national ID
d) Produce copy of 3 latest payslips

How To Apply Equity Salary Advance

Upon meeting the above qualifications, proceed to any of the nearest Equity branches, fill in an application form and attach the above highlighted documents in order to get an equity salary advance.

How To Repay Equity Salary Advance

Equity bank salary advance repayment is usually made via automatic deduction using available funds in one’s equity account.

For insufficient funds, transfer funds from M-Pesa to equity account can be done through the below procedure.

Navigate to the M-Pesa menu via your phone
Go to Lipa Na M-Pesa
Enter the paybill number as 247247
Enter your equity bank account number
Input your M-Pesa PIN

Once the transaction is successful and funds have reflected to your account, the salary advance will be auto-deducted upon the due date.

Co-op Salary Advance (Flexi Cash)

Co-op Salary Advance Loan

Co-op bank salary advance loan commonly referred to as Flexi Cash is available to co-op bank customers who receive their salaries through a co-op bank account.

Flexi Cash loans have a maximum limit of twice the average of one’s last 3 month’s net salary amount repayable within 1-3 monthly installment options.

Coop salary advance interest rate is between 8-12% depending on the repayment duration i.e 1 month(8%), 2 months(10%) and 3 months(12%)

In addition, excise duty and insurance fee is also charged alongside the interest rate.

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How To Qualify For Co-op Salary Advance

To be eligible for Flexi Cash, there are certain requirements that need to be met and they include;

i. Possess an account with Co-op bank
ii. Be in salaried employment
iii. Actively channel salary through co-op bank accounts for at least 3 months.
iv. Have a good borrowing history
v. Ensure your salary account is not overdrawn
vi. Ensure no previous outstanding Mcoop cash loans
vii. Ensure no loans arrears on other Coop loan products
vii. Register for Mcoop cash mobile banking

In the event of job loss, notify the co-op bank on alternative methods to offset the salary advance.

How To Apply Co-op Salary Advance

Currently, there are 2 options with which to apply for Flexi Cash, these include;

a) Via Mcoop cash

Register for MCoop cash
Login to your account via the Mcoop cash app (Playstore / Appstore) or internet banking
Click on ‘Loans’ tab
Depending on your account activity, your salary loan limit will be displayed.
Proceed and apply for your desired amount within your available limit.


Dial *667#
Enter your MCoop cash PIN
Select option 5: E-loans
Select option 2: Apply loan
Select option 1: Salary loan

Upon approval, the balance after all fee deductions will be deposited into your co-op bank mobile wallet.

How To Repay Co-op Salary Advance

By default, Mcoop cash loans are automatically deducted from coop accounts upon due date.

However, manual repayment can be initiated whenever sufficient funds are available.

In case of insufficient funds, one can transfer funds from M-Pesa to Coop bank through the paybill number 400200 or the ‘M-Pesa to bank’ option available in the Mcoop cash platform.

via MCoop cash via USSD code
Login to MCoop cash Dial *667#
Tap on ‘Loans’ Enter your MCoop cash PIN
Click on ‘Repay loan’ Select option 5: E-loans
Select option 3: Repay
How To Check Co-op Salary Advance Balance



BOA Kenya



DTB Kenya

GT Bank


Credit bank

Bank Of Baroda

National bank

Microfinance Institutions

Atlantis Finance


Fin Kenya (formerly TrustGro)

Fin Kenya offers salary advance to salaried employees in private companies whereby the eligibility requirements are employment letter, 3-months’ bank & M-Pesa statements and copy of national ID/passport.

The loan limits range between Ksh5K – Ksh200K charged at 10%. To apply for Fin Kenya salary advance loan, dial *714#


To apply for Fincredit salary advance loan, dial *424#

Harvit credit

Harvit credit requires submission of salary account post-dated cheques, latest 6-months’ bank statement and latest 3-months’ payslips.To apply for Harvit credit, fill in the

Jijenge credit

To get started with Jijenge salary advance, provide 3-months’ latest payslip, original & copy of national ID, job ID (optional), 2 copies of KRA pin certificate, 2 colored passport size photos as well as 6-months’ bank & M-Pesa statements.


KWFT salary advance is for employees with a check-off agreement with KWFT including civil servants, disciplined forces, parastatals and private institutions.

To apply for KWFT salary advance, provide 3-months’ certified payslips, original & copy of ID/passport as well as passport photo. KWFT salary advances are repayable for up-to 96 months

Maendeleo capital

The requirements include; payslip for the last 3 months, national ID/passport, KRA PIN and 3 post-dated cheques. The provided loans are 50% of net salary.To apply for Maendeleo capital salary advance loan, fill in

Metro credit

Progressive credit

Progressive credit requirements include; latest 4-months’ bank statement, latest 3-months’ payslip, copy of ID & PIN of borrower in addition to security i,e logbook, title deed, listed company shares etc


2NK sacco

Salary advance amounts offered is 50% of net salary and is repayable within 1 month. To access the advance, one needs to channel salary through FOSA. To apply for 2NK sacco salary advance loan, fill in the 2NK loan application form

AMREF sacco

AMREF sacco offers advances at 3% and repayment duration of 1 month. To apply for AMREF sacco salary advance loan, fill in the Amref sacco salary advance form

Ardhi sacco

Ardhi sacco salary advance is offered to all salary account holders at 12% p.a with a repayment tenure of 1 month.To apply for Ardhi sacco salary advance loan, fill in the ardhi sacco loan application form

Asili sacco

Capital sacco

Chuna DT sacco

Loan amounts are 80% of net salary and are to be repaid within a month. To be eligible, salary must pass through FOSA at least once, have guarantors and employer commitment letter.

To apply for Chura DT sacco salary advance, fill in the chuna sacco loan application form

Defence sacco

To apply for Defence sacco salary advance, dial *515#

Hoechem sacco

Imarisha sacco

Requirements for this advance includes 2 guarantors (short term advance), 4 guarantors (long term advance) and channel salary through FOSA. To apply Imarisha sacco salary advance, fill in the imarisha sacco salary advance form

Jitegemee sacco

Jitegemee sacco offers 3 salary advance options which include;

Salary advance which has a minimum loan amount of Ksh1K to be repaid in 1 month

3-months’ salary advance has a minimum loan amount of Ksh10K to be repaid in 3 months

Super salary advance has a minimum loan amount of Ksh10K repayable in 6 months

Kenya Highland sacco

Loan amount offered is up-to ⅔ monthly income at 5% with a repayment duration of 1 month. Eligibility entails a maximum of 6 guarantors and salary must be channeled through FOSA.

To apply for Kenya highland sacco salary advance, fill in the Kenya highland sacco salary advance form

Kimisitu sacco

To access salary advance via Kimisitu sacco, salary must be processed through a FOSA savings account. The sacco offers a maximum limit of Ksh500K at 6% interest for 4 months

Kinga sacco

Mombo sacco

Mwalimu sacco

Loan offered is 80% of net salary charged at 5% for a month. To apply for Mwalimu sacco salary advance loan, fill in the mwalimu sacco salary advance form

Nafaka sacco

Nyati sacco

Eligibility requires the applicant to possess a FOSA account which one can access up-to 50% net salary to be repaid after 1 month at 5%

Police sacco

Sheria sacco

To get access to Sheria sacco advance, salary must be processed through FOSA at least once. The loans are 2x basic salary with 5% per month on outstanding balance for up-to 12 months.

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To apply for Sheria sacco salary advance, fill in the sheria sacco loan application form

Sidoman sacco

Solution sacco

Tabasamu sacco (Sasa loan)

TN sacco

Tower sacco

Unison sacco

Waumini sacco

Private Credit Institutions


Bridgetimely capital

Citizens credit

Salary advance loan is reserved for employees of reputable companies with evidence of salary for the last 6 months. To access the advance, one is required to produce the latest 3 months’ payslip, latest 6 months’ bank statement as well as post-dated cheques from the salary account.

To apply for the citizen’s credit salary advance loan, fill in the citizens credit application form

Decimal concept

Elevate credit (Inua Salo)

To qualify for Inua Salo, one is required to be an employee of any company with a signed MOU with Elevate credit. Inua Salo loan limit amounts range from minimum of Ksh5K to a maximum of Ksh1M repayable for a period of up-to 12 months

Extended Money

The requirements to access this salary advance includes; copy of national ID/passport, current passport size photo and 6-months’ M-Pesa statement. The advance attracts a 7-15% interest rate with the limits ranging between Ksh500 – Ksh700K to be repaid in 1 month


To be eligible for flash credit salary advance, an applicant must produce a national ID, 3-months’ payslip, 3-months’ bank statement and 6-months’ M-Pesa statement.

To apply for flash credit salary advance loan, go to flashcredit loan portal


Hazini salary advance loans have a minimum loan amount of Ksh1K to a maximum of Ksh200K or up-to 80% of net salary. It also attracts an interest rate of 10% for a duration of 1-3 months

Hela Pesa

Hela Pesa offers salary advances to Kenyan civil servants and has a repayment period of up-to 12 months.To apply for Hela Pesa salary advance loan, simply download the Hela Pesa app

InfoCash KE


To get started with Izwe salary advance, simply dial *528# and follow the prompts for registration and loan application

Jiajiri credit

Jiajiri credit offers salary advance loans to individual private sector employees. To be eligible, produce a copy of national ID, employment letter, 3-latest payslips, 3-months’ bank & M-Pesa statements.

The advance has an interest rate of 11% with a repayment tenure of 1 month.To apply for Jiajiri salary advance loan, download the Jiajiri app from the Playstore

Jowyn credit

The requirements include post-dated cheques from salary account, latest 6-months’ bank statement and latest 3-months’ payslip. The advance has a repayment period of 1 month.

To apply for Jowyn credit salary advance loan, fill in



KopaTamu provides salary advance services to any salaried, self-employed or professional. Salary advance qualification requires the provision of 3-months’ bank statement for loan amounts up-to 50% net salary at 10% interest for 1 month.

To apply for KopaTamu salary advance loan, fill in

Lasiri capital

Lasiri salary advance loans have a minimum limit of Ksh10K. To apply for Lasiri credit salary advance loans, fill in

Mint credit

Mint Credit offers salary advance limits of up-to Ksh100K at 10% interest targeting employed individuals in private companies. For eligibility, provide 3-months’ payslip & bank statement, copy of national ID and KRA PIN.

To apply for Mint credit salary advance loan, fill in the mintcredit salary advance form



Mwananchi credit

The requirements for Mwananchi credit salary advance includes latest 3-months’ payslip, latest 6-months’ bank statement and post-dated cheques drawn from salary account.


Ontime Lending

This is an online lending platform that requires submission of national ID, KRA PIN, latest 3-months’ payslip, 2 passport size photos, latest 6-months’ bank statements as well as post-dated cheques from salary account.



Peak credit

Sahsa capital

To qualify for Sahsa capital salary advance, a certified copy of national ID is required alongside certified copy of employment ID, copy of latest 3-months’ payslip and undated salary account cheque.

The maximum amount is Ksh250K at 8% to be repaid within 1-6 months.To apply for Sahsa Capital salary advance loan, fill in the sahsa loan application form



Smartcard credit

To apply via this lender, you need a copy of ID and PIN, latest 6-months’ bank statement reflecting salary payments, latest 3-months’ payslips and employment letter.

Sonix credit (SoniKash)

To get SoniKash advance, produce latest payslip, passport-size photo, latest certified 3-months’ bank statement, copy of ID card, copy of employees’ work ID card as well as post-dated cheques.

The highest approved loans are Ksh100K or one-third of basic salary at 10% to be repaid after 1 month.To apply for SoniKash salary advance loan, fill in the sonixcredit application form

Springboard capital (SpringSalo)

SpringSalo requires a signed MOU with an employer offering a salary check-off system. To become eligible for the advance, one requires a copy of national ID and KRA PIN, copy of employment letter, 6-months’ latest bank statement, 3-months’ M-Pesa statement and payslips.

The maximum amount for the advance is Ksh400K offered at a reducing interest of 3.5% for up-to 36 months.To apply for SpringSalo salary advance loan, fill in the springsalo application form

Tally credit

Tally Credit offers salary advances to reputable company employees with evidence of salary payments for the last 6 months in addition to provision of the latest 3-months’ latest payslip.

To apply for Tally Credit salary advance loans, fill in the tallycredit application form

Taslimu capital

The requirements for advance via Taslimu capital entails a signed MOU between Taslimu and employer. In addition, employee ID copies and employee signed letters of irrevocable authority and certified schedule from the company showing staff net salary.

To apply for Taslimu salary advance loan, dial *483*333#


Uni limited provides salary advances to selected partnering companies whose employees must be on permanent terms for a period of not less than 3 months. The advance attracts an 8.5% interest for 1-3 months.

To apply for Uni limited salary advance, dial *696#


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