Wordads Earnings 2020 (Jan-Nov 2020) – Part 1

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Hello guys!

This post is waaaaaay off topic from my usual niche but I thought it best to give my own review, considering that I benefited immensely from other reviewers

To start off, I started this blog in 2012 while in campus (with a totally different niche) though back then, I did not have any interest in blogging and would occasionally fling articles here and there whenever I felt the need to.

At times when I would be in my ‘zone’, I would write several months worth of articles and schedule them to self publish and link to my social media accounts.

This tactic would prove to be my saving grace when I totally lost interest and fell off in the years 2013 through to 2014 due to low stats.

When I logged back in 2015 ( I had to reset my password since I had forgotten it ) I got the biggest shock of my life, my stats had sky rocketed.

While in the years 2012 – 2014, I averaged around 5000 – 6000 annual unique visitors, in 2015 I had 46,525 unique visitors.

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This gave me the much needed encouragement that I needed to jump-start my dwindling interest in blogging.

I took much more interest in thorough research in the topics I wrote about and in return my stats continued increasing ever since.

konvigilante 2015 stats2

Fast forward to 2019, I had a slight dip in my stats ( I don’t remember why) but that was the year I decided that I needed to take blogging a lot more seriously and attempt to monetize my blog.

I began researching on Wordads monetization and i bumped into various useful reviews that guided me.

In Jan 2020 as part of my new years resolution, I decided to monetize my blog. I made sure I had checked off the initial Wordads requirements such as a custom domain and substantial traffic.

Also, I had read in various reviews that the minimum traffic for Wordads approval was around 15,000 views and my stats were slightly above that.

konvigilante 2015 stats3

So I settled on a cheaper plan (personal) and proceeded to apply for Wordads.

Hardly had i finished the application process that I got impatient and posted on the Wordads forum about the delay in approval. Lol!

A reply came in hours later stating that I was in line to be approved but since I had gotten their attention, they would approve me a little earlier.


I was ecstatic by the response to say the least!

Check out Part 2 for the review!

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