This Loan App Does Not Check CRB And Also Rewards You For Timely Repayment

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Digital loans have become the fastest avenue for majority of Kenyans to access short term credit owing to their ease of accessibility, requiring applicants to be over 18 years of age, possess a handset as well as subscribe to the Safaricom Mpesa service.

However, this eventually comes at the price of high interest rates coupled with short repayment durations which have led many Kenyans the CRB way and eventually raised concerns of their legality in the credit sector.

Irregardless of this, numerous loan apps continue to pop up leaving borrowers without the clear the distinction of identifying the legit apps from the scams. [ Although, it should serve as a red flag when a loan app requests for registration fees before loan approvals ]

Nevertheless, amidst the bonafide lenders are those that set themselves apart by offering incentives to borrowers in one form or another.

Such incentives include: zero CRB checks, loan extensions, loan coupons, cash back bonuses, prize reward bonuses and many more.

Below, we highlight one such loan app that offers all of the above.

While many loan apps will deny borrowers loans because of a lower credit score or being blacklisted by CRB, this loan app is among the select few that do not check your CRB status before approving loans. [ However, you need to maintain a positive repayment history with each individual lender ]

This loan app offers loans ranging from Ksh1,000 to Ksh30,000 with varying repayment periods dependent on loan amount. i.e loan amounts of Ksh1,000 – Ksh1,500 are repayable in 8 days while loans above Ksh2,000 are to be repaid in 14 days.

However, approved loans are subject to interest deduction prior to loan disbursement i.e If you apply for a Ksh2,500 loan, you will receive Ksh2,055 in your Mpesa account and you will have to repay back Ksh2,500.

The repayment plans are split into two whereby you can choose to repay the interest only or the full amount. If you make either of the repayments within the set due date, you are entitled to a cash bonus.

repayment loan

The cash bonus program can best be understood by the below summary guide available in their loan app.

cashout guide

Currently, the available amounts that can be cashed out are Ksh400 and Ksh1,000

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The above app can be downloaded at the Google Playstore and please use the code NSQIKI to support our work as we continue to provide more articles related to loan apps 🙂


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