Senti No Longer Issuing Mobile Loans

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It seems like all may not be well with one of the digital lenders in Kenya.

Roamtech, the company providing digital credit via the Senti loan app may just be among many companies that have been impacted negatively by the Coronavirus.

This conclusion has been derived from the recent product shift that the lender has adopted over the last couple of months .

Despite offering their usual Senti loans, the lender is nowadays aggressively pushing for airtime purchases, if their Facebook posts are anything to go by.

Furthermore, borrowers have also been complaining of their frequent denial of loan requests.

Well, the reason for this was made clear through a reply that was directed towards a statement made by one of the Senti users.

Through a post on Senti’s official Facebook page, the user stated that the lender was not giving out loans nowadays to which the lender replied that they have halted loan disbursements.

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Although the duration for this has not been specified, borrowers are drawing conclusions that the company is facing financial difficulties and may soon shut down.

However, whether rumors or reality, only time will tell.

Author: konvigilante

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