OKash Launches A Limited Lucky Prize Draw To Reward Borrowers

Okash LuckyDraw2

Okash has recently launched a new way to reward users of the OKash loan app. Dubbed ‘Lucky Bingo’ the campaign aims to offer rewards to those who download and register via the app, apply and get a loan approved and also those who make full repayments to loans advanced to them.

The campaign is set to run between July 29th – August 5th, 2020.

The draw can be accessed by login in to the OKash app and clicking at the gift icon located at the top right of the app page.

Winners are set to receive various prizes including: Huawei phone, Limit Coupons ranging from Ksh600 – Ksh1000, Airtime worth Ksh100 or a Ksh200 bonus.

Coupon prize winners will have their winning coupons sent to their OKash account immediately and can be used during loan applications.

Winners of the Huawei phone prize will be contacted by the OKash team for verification and the phone sent to the winner.

Airtime winners will have their submitted numbers recharged on the next working day.

Winners of the bonus prize will have the bonus sent to their account immediately whereby it can be redeemed for loan repayment or withdrawn.

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Furthermore, OKash reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.


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