MUST READ! Mpesa Scam Every MPesa Agent Should Be Aware Of ( Contact Save Tactic ) – Part 2



This is one of the earliest reported fraud visited upon the uninitiated agents or those that are naive

It involves a conman obtaining the phone number used by the MPESA agent by seeking access to the handset ( This is usually achieved by lying to the Mpesa agent that s/he has an emergency and needs to use the agent’s phone since his/hers has drained the battery)

The conman will go ahead and phone his accomplice’s number so as to obtain the number used by the MPesa agent while simultaneously saving his ‘contact’ on the agent’s phone.

One common contact saving tactic is saving Safaricom’s Official number which is 0722 000 000 by editing the first digit from zero ( 0) to letter O.

What is thereafter done ( not necessarily immediate) is that the conman now having knowledge of the agent’s number, will call the agent to initiate a bogus transaction under the guise of being from Safaricom customer care.


  • An Mpesa agent should not divulge their Mpesa Line number or PIN to anybody.
  • An Mpesa agent should not allow un-authorized access to the handset used in conducting the Mpesa transactions
  • An agent should confirm the authenticity of each transaction

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