Is Mokash Loan App’s ‘Lucky Draw’ Game Designed To Always Make You Lose?

mokash lucky draw game

Mokash is one of the few loan apps that offer diverse customer experience options when it comes to borrowing and repayment of their loans.

Such options include referral bonuses whereby you earn a reward for each friend you invite to use Mokash.

The rewards are usually in the form of discount coupons which can be used to reduce origination fee whenever you borrow or deduct repayment amount.

Another option is the cashout bonus program which offers a 2% cashback bonus for every repayment done within the loan tenure.

Furthermore, Mokash also allows loan extensions which is usually equal to the original duration albeit at a certain extension fee. However, extended loans will not be eligible for cashback bonus upon repayment.

Additionally, Mokash provides users with the opportunity to win airtime prizes whenever they make full repayment of their loans. This is usually done through the ‘Lucky Draw’ feature which offers a 1 SPIN chance for every successful repayment which can be accumulated to a maximum number of 5.

However, the ‘Lucky Draw’ game only seems to good to be true in that ALL your spin chances will most likely land on the ‘Try it next time’ section of the wheel.

mokash lucky draw game 2

This discovery seems absurd taking into consideration that there is always a 83.3% probability chance of landing on any one of the airtime prizes ranging from Ksh20 to Ksh1,000

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This therefore begs the question, has Mokash programmed the wheel to ensure you lose on every SPIN?😂


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