How To Pay Britam Policy Via Mpesa [2022]


Pay Britam Policy Via Mpesa

Britam is a leading diversified financial services group listed in the NSE that offers a range of financial products and services in insurance, asset management, banking and properties.

Members who opt for the various policies provided by Britam can make the premium payments either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually through various payment channels including;

  • Direct debit– automatic deductions by banks upon due dates.
  • Check-off– deductions are made by employers.
  • Cheque– obtain an official receipt with a policy number as well as the full amount to be paid.

Besides the above, there is also an option to pay via Mpesa and this can be done using the two options below.

How To Pay Britam Policy Via Mpesa Using;

a) Automatic Push ( MyBritam Portal )

  • Login to MyBritam Portal
  • Select ‘Pay Now’ from the left menu
  • Select the policies you want to make payment for
  • Select ‘Pay Now’
  • Use the textbox to choose what to pay i.e premium amount, excess amount and amount for each policy.
  • Enter the amount to be paid for the selected policies
  • Confirm the total amount to be paid and click on ‘Proceed to pay’
  • Select your preferred payment method as Mpesa and click on ‘Proceed to pay’
  • You will receive an automatic Mpesa STK push on your mobile phone requiring you to input your Mpesa PIN
  • Enter your PIN and press OK
  • Upon successful transaction, you will receive a payment confirmation SMS from both MPESA and Britam.

b) Manual push

  • Navigate to the Lipa Na Mpesa menu from your SIM toolkit and use the below details
  • Paybill number: 541400
  • Account number: your policy number (put the dash when keying in the policy number)

How To Contact Britam Customer Care Support


Tel: 0705 100 100

Whatsapp: 0793 304 927


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