How To Opt Out Of Fuliza M-PESA Service In 2023

fuliza m pesa

Fuliza is a Safaricom overdraft service that was introduced early January 2019 with the aim of assisting users complete transactions in the event of insufficient funds in their M-Pesa accounts.

This was a much needed service to Safaricom’s Lipa Na M-Pesa users in that, after only 6 months of the product’s launch, they had borrowed around Ksh81 billion through the service.

However, as months passed, users began harboring mixed feelings towards the service.

This was brought about as a result of the automatic deduction of pending loans immediately funds are deposited in the M-Pesa wallet as well as the daily fee charges imposed on the pending loan amounts.

Consequently, this has led majority to consider opting out of the Fuliza service due to the imposed inconvenience that is beyond the borrower’s control.

Below are two ways with which one can choose to opt out of the service.

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Method 1 – via USSD

Dial *234#

Select option 0 for Fuliza M-PESA

Under the Fuliza M-PESA menu, select option 6 for Opt Out

fuliza loan opt out via ussd

Method 2 – via mySafaricom App

Download the mySafaricom App from the Google Playstore.

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Install, launch and complete registration.

On the home menu, click on M-PESA tab, then Fuliza M-PESA.

fuliza loan opt out via mysafaricom app

On the next screen, click on Opt Out

fuliza loan opt out via mysafaricom app 2



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  1. Loise says:

    Hi team fuliza. I HV been your member for more than 2 years now and have never had any increase. My limit is so low that even when am in need can’t go for it. How do I increase my limit or why can’t I get more?

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