How To Know Your Cooperative Bank Account Number [2023]


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Opening an account with Cooperative bank is normally a straightforward process that may require different documentation depending on your preferred account type.

For example, while a savings account may require applicants to only submit their national identity card/passport (both original & copy) and a copy of KRA pin, other accounts like salary accounts require additional documents such passport photo (taken at the branch) and a Ksh600 fee for the issuance of a debit card.

Similarly, the functions of each of the above may differ whereby savings accounts attract interest rates while salary accounts provide access to various credit facilities such as credit cards, personal loans as well as cash advances.

However, in each of the above, one is usually issued with a personal account number for which to effect transactions. Since such numbers are usually long and easily forgettable. Below are some of the options to retrieve your account number in-case you forget.

1) Debit Card

Debit cards are useful in the sense that they can be used to withdraw funds from a compatible ATM as well as for online transaction purposes. Debit card holders can look up their account number located at the bottom of the debit card underneath the account name.

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2) Internet Banking

Log into your account via the internet portal or app and click on the three menu icons as shown below.


Proceed and click on ‘About Account’ to expand thereby displaying your account name, account number, type and branch.



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